Diploma (Advanced) Naturopathy Part A

Course CodeHLT60502
Fee CodeFD
Duration (approx)3280 hours
QualificationAdvanced Diploma

Duration: This Program has an approximate total duration of around 3280 hours, comprised of home study, seminars and clinical training. Part A through ACS Distance Education consists of 1000 hours, and the remainder is completed through Health Schools Australia

Part A

Part A of the Advanced Diploma is ACS's Foundation Diploma. When you finish part A, you will be awarded a Foundation Diploma in Natural Health.

The Course Fees displayed on the righthand side are for the ACS Distance Education's Foundation Diploma only.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Diploma (Advanced) Naturopathy Part A.
 Biochemistry I (Animal and Human) BSC103
 Cell Biology BSC110
 Counselling Skills I BPS109
 Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A) BSC101
 Human Nutrition I BRE102
 Introduction To Psychology BPS101
 Biochemistry II (Plant & Animal) BSC203
 Human Nutrition II BRE202
 Biochemistry III (Animal Processes) BSC303
 Human Nutrition III BRE302

Note that each module in the Diploma (Advanced) Naturopathy Part A is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Part B

Part B is undertaken with Health Schools Australia (Final 2 Years).  Subjects include:

  1. Herbal Medicine
  2. Disorder Profiles/Clinical Practice 1-4
  3. Chemistry
  4. Advanced Herbal Medicine
  5. Remedial Massage
  6. Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  7. Advanced Nutrition
  8. Iridology
  9. History & Philosophy Of Natural Medicine
  10. Pathophysiology & Symptomatology
  11. Ethics & Jurisprudence
  12. Practice Management
  13. Occupational Health & Safety 2

PLUS: Electives in either:

  • Reflexology
  • Advanced Remedial Massage
  • Aromatherapy

Please check with Health Schools Australia for Part B fees.

Additional Requirements: Senior First Aid Certificate


Contribute to effective workplace relationships.

Develop professional expertise.

Manage a practice.

Communicate effectively with clients/patients.

Make referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate.

Apply advanced first aid (O/S).

Apply basic first aid.

Contribute to organisational effectiveness in the Health Industry.

Manage the control of infection.

Provide Naturopathic treatment.

Provide the Western Herbal Medicine treatment.

Provide Naturopathic nutritional treatment.

Plan the Naturopathic treatment strategy.

Perform Naturopathic health assessment.

Manage work within the Naturopathic framework.

Apply Naturopathic diagnostic framework.

Work within a Naturopathic framework.

Provide specialised Western Herbal Medicine treatment.

Operate a Western Herbal Medicine dispensary.

Work within a massage framework.

Perform Massage health assessment.

Apply Massage assessment framework.

Plan the massage treatment.

Provide the massage treatment.

Apply literature research findings to Clinical Nutritional practice.

Provide specialised Nutritional care.


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ACS is a Member of the Complementary Medicine Association
ACS is a Member of the Complementary Medicine Association

ACS Global Partner - Affiliated with colleges in seven countries around the world.
ACS Global Partner - Affiliated with colleges in seven countries around the world.

ACS is recognised as an institution by IARC
ACS is recognised as an institution by IARC

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