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January 2008 Newsletter

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*Certificate in Psychology

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*Photoshop for Beginners

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*Fitness Leaders Certificate

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Build Your Reference Collection!
Why buy from here:
  1. Many books by John Mason are not available anywhere else
  2. ACS students are offered a 10% discount
  3. Unlike many bookshops, our range of texts are chosen by qualified professionals for being particularly useful, accurate and relevant to the range of courses our school offers.
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We have over 400 courses. Over 150 (our bestsellers) are available to study online or by CD. The remaining courses can only be studied by traditional correspondence (via printed notes), but more are being prepared for online & CD study all the time.

Courses we have recently added to those online & on CD:
Australian Native Trees
Weed Control
Beef Cattle
Playground Design

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We offer 3 ways to study:

Option 1.  Traditional Correspondence (Printed Notes)
You receive notes printed on a laser printer. Most courses contain between 20,000 and 40,000 words in the study guide/course notes. Some include one or more other texts.

Option 2.  Online
You access your study notes online.

Option 3.   CD / E-Learning
10% discount
You receive a CD with all your study notes on it. You do not require an internet connection for this study option. You also have the option of purchasing the CD without tuition, which would mean a 50% discount off standard course fees! (CD still contains self assessment tests). If you choose to purchase without tuition, you can choose to upgrade at a later date.

StarStarSpecial Offer DayStarStar

For the next 2 days only, enrolments received for CD (E-Learning) with tuition will be given a 15% discount, rather than the usual 10%. (Applies to full payment of fees only.)

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Download the latest version of our Handbook (Recently revised)

UK Handbook UK Handbook
Click here and click on the option to download.
Australian Handbook Australian Handbook
Click here and click on the option to download.

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Graduate Profiles

Featured Profiles:

  • Jo Nicol-Hanns, an ACS Counselling and Psychology Proficiency Award graduate, speaks about the (ACA accredited) study journey.  Read more…
  • Rachelle Louison: “Studying with ACS gave me the confidence to change my career and start building a business in photography. I had been working in administration for 16 years and… read more…
  • Jamie Speeding: After being employed in various local horticultural businesses and becoming frustrated at the lack of quality and knowledge displayed by many landscape orientated usinesses in the area, Jamie decided to go it alone and formed Greenhort Design which is now entering its fifth year of existence. Read more…

Student Magazine - Holiday Reading

If you are a student of ACS, Warnborough, LLD or any other ACS affiliate, feel free to submit an article for publication! Click here to submit an article (be sure to include “Student Article Submission” in the subject line).
Visit our online Student Magazine here:

WHY? Getting published like this can in fact help further your career. This is a unique opportunity we have put in place to help our students gain an “edge” in the publishing industry.

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Any professional who gives advice can be legally liable for problems that arise as a result of action taken based on their advice.
Occupations as diverse as nutritional counsellor to horticultural consultant may need professional indemnity cover. Graduates from certificate or Proficiency Award courses should always have a stronger case for obtaining such insurances.
Graduates from ACS in the UK are able to obtain a discount on professional indemnity insurance with Tower Insurance (under an agreement with the Complimentary Medicine Association - which ACS is a member of).

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How to Get a Useful Education

We’ve watched over 30,000 people from over 80 countries complete our courses, get jobs and develop careers. This is what we have learned:

  1. Don’t take on more than you are motivated to finish! You’re better completing a short course than dropping out of a certificate, or completing a certificate rather than dropping out of a Proficiency Award. You can always upgrade later.
  2. A qualification NEVER guarantees a job! Education is ONLY one piece of the puzzle. Employers and clients will base the decision to employ you on many things – your past achievements, how you present yourself in an application and an interview, your involvement with relevant organizations (e.g. professional associations, clubs etc),  your attitude, and more. A qualification can get their attention, but a clearly presented CV and involvement in a professional body may count just as much.
  3. The level of qualification is less important than its content and duration. We see people with 900 hour advanced certificates being employed over people with fast tracked Proficiency Awards.
  4. Broad based courses produce the best career outcomes; for example, people who study broad based horticulture or business do much better than those who study just turf care or finance – they keep their work options open, and can adapt to changes in their industry.
  5. Don’t base your choice of course on demands in todays industries – this is a fast changing world, and “what’s hot” now probably won’t be hot when you finish studies!
  6. Competency based courses don’t tend to deliver as much of a learning experience as problem based or experiential based courses, and therefore don’t provide as many career options.
  7. The best education develops strong life skills such as communication, networking, problem solving, and a capacity to adapt - not just knowledge or specific performance skills.
  8. Formal accreditation is being promoted by accreditation authorities as being more important than it really is. In reality, for many industries, employers are far more concerned about who taught you, what you learned, and how long your course was.
  9. Accreditations cost a college time and money, and in many cases they may simply mean the college or course has been able to satisfy the requirements of a particular lot of red tape. Sometimes this provides you with a guarantee of the courses value; but sometimes it simply adds to the cost of the course, and limits the college’s ability to be flexible and change the course as needed to give you a more up to date and relevant education.
    Because of this, an accredited course could actually give you far less value for money, while at the same time the college is protected from criticism if you don’t benefit from what they are teaching (for example they could defend themselves by asserting that they have to teach certain material to satisfy a government accreditation authority).


We have moved!
Our new street address is:
Eastside Building, Space 209, 2nd Floor,
232 Robina Town Centre Drive.

Please note that our postal address remains unchanged:
P.O. Box 2092, Nerang MDC, QLD 4211.

Eastsite Map

For any students on or visiting the Gold Coast: as always, feel free to drop in, browse the bookshop, and say hello!
If you are thinking of studying with us, and you live nearby…make an appointment for a free career counselling session!

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2. Would you like us to set up a skype address you can contact the school on?
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