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2017 Newsletters:

20 November 2017 - New Course- Counselling Children, Learn to be more sensitive to the needs of children, and more capable of interacting in a positive way with children during counselling.

11 November 2017 - New Course- Agronomy III- Root Crops, We are excited to announce that we have just released a new agronomy course- Agronomy III which focuses on growing broad acre root crops.

Root crops are not only an amazing food source for people, some can be used for animal food supply too. This course covers growing broadacre root crops including potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, taro, parsnip, sugar beet, turnips and much more.
This course is ready to go and would be a great course for anyone who wants to grow this kind of vegetable for food production.

6 November 2017- Environment & Health Courses on Special this month! Raising Pigs, Lawn Repair, Tips for Training Cats, Does Small Business Suit you?

12 July 2017 - Nursery & Garden Centre Promotion, Nursery Special Offers, Download our New Handbook & More

3 July 2017- New Course- Editing for Specialists and Professionals (Editing III), 2017 Handbook





2013 Newsletters:

Christmas and New Year Break, NEW COURSE! Animal Grooming, Editorial by ACS Distance Education Principal John Mason, NEW COURSE! Climate Science

Brand New Ebook! Water Gardening, Christmas and New Year Break, New Courses Coming Soon!, Give the original gift of a subcription

Love Fish?, New Staff Member, Become a Marine Biologist, More Christmas Gift Ideas, Treat yourself this summer, ACS Affiliates Meeting, Home Grown Magazine issue 2 out, Like us on Facebook

Special Offer for new students, Unique Christmas Gift Ideas, Get paid for partying, Food Preserving ebook, Study Aquaculture, Plant Breeding relaunched, Careers & Economic Observations

New Ebook Coming Soon, Course News, Become Self-Sufficient, New Issue of Home Grown Magazine Coming and more!

Have a flick through our brand new Ebook- Landscaping with Australian Plants, New Genetics Course is released this week, New Business Opportunities board on Pintrest, Alternative Education has Advantages: Editorial by John Mason (Principal), On Trends, Mushroom Production in Zambia

What's wrong with university graduates today? New Ebook, Job Opportunities... and more from ACS

New Courses in Development, New Ebooks Just Released, Grab a Copy of Homegrown Magazine! Food Therapy

NEW Ebook-Knowing and Growing Annuals, Green Walls and Roofs add a Unique Twist

All about Effective Learning! New Ebook, Australia's Favourite ACS Courses Last Week

Spring is almost here- Get outside and garden, Top Selling Courses for the week, Student Testimonial, Article in Outdoor and Poolside Living Magazine

Interesting Bird Facts, Top Selling Ebooks, Student Feedback- Poultry Course, Growing Mushrooms

Proteas Ebook- Introducing the Protea family, Student Feedback, Save the date- International Horticultural Congress 2014

ACS at Spring Green Expo, New Ebook: Medical Terminology Dictionary, Featured Course - Primates

Legoland UK Uses ACS Principal's Photos, Student Feedback, Event for Writers- Storyology: Ideas Write Now

Introduction to Psychology, Psychology Dictionary, Growing Organic Vegetables, Home Grown Magazine, Free Ebook Offer

Green Expo 2013, Featured Course Cell Biology, Most Popular Courses Last Week

Event Management Ebook Launched, Top Selling Courses in June, ACS Principal's visit to the UK, Student Testimonial

New Course: Horse Breeding, Winter is the time to Plant your Deciduous Fruit Trees, Students who have recently completed courses, More photos from ACS Principal John Mason's visit to the UK

Featured Course: Dog Psychology & Training; Featured Ebook: Caring for Dogs; Principal visits Singapore; Best Sellers for the week; ACS Distance Education's New Handbook

New Course- Graphic Design Course, End of Financial Year: Take advantage of the End of Financial Year and study with us, Student Feedback- Zoo Keeping Course and Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover with OAMPS

Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Ethics, Our proposed courses and e-books, Homegrown- our new magazine coming soon

News from our Agriculture Department, Goat Production Course, Will Australia Starve?, News from our Recreation and Fitness Department, New Course- Primates

News from our Writing Department, News from our Psychology Department, News from our Business Department

Ebook of the Week - Starting a Small Business, Featured Course - Dog Care, Most Popular Courses This Week

Build Your Social Media Networks!

NEW Ebook Released- Photographic Techniques, Featured Course - Vertebrate Zoology, Student Feedback - Ornithology

Featured Course and Ebook, OAMPS Professional Indemnity Insurance, Student Testimonial

NEW Ebook - Orchids, Student Feedback, ACS Easter Holiday Hours

NEW Course Released: Mental Health in Adults, Principal John Mason attends MIFGS, Featured Ebook - How to be a Life Coach, Featured Course - Event Management

ACS Affiliate Wins Award, ACS Permaculture Tutor Lauches New Business, NEW Certificate in Animal Care Services

Self-Sufficiency: How to get started, NEW Ebook, NEW Courses Coming Soon, Most Popular Courses Last Week

New Ebook: Professional Practice for Consultants, Course News-Expanded, Updated, and Online, Most Popular Courses Last Week, Student Testimonial

John Mason - How Your "Type" Should Study, New Certificate Coming Soon, New Ebook - Management

Course Coming Soon: Small Acreage Farming, New Ebooks Coming Soon, Featured Course - Animal Behaviour

Course Now Online: Carpentry, Intro to Ecology Course Revised and Expanded, NEW Ebook: Weeds, Hot Course of the Week

NEW Ebook-Leadership, Now online-Managing notable Gardens, Ebooks coming soon: Management, Weeds, Creative Writing, Photographic Techniques, Next installment of our Wildlife Adventurer's Journal

NEW Ebook! Growing Palms and Palm Like Plants, Meet One of Our Adventuring Students! Featured Course: Cert in Wildlife Management

New Ebooks Coming Soon, Featured Ebooks that Will Help Your Career, Hot Courses, Technical Problems Now Resolved

New Ebook - Human Biology Dictionary, New Courses in Development, Fee Increase, Courses Create Career Opportunities! Student Testimonial

2012 Newsletter

Christmas and New Year Break, NEW Poultry Ebook, NEW Course Internet Marketing, Introducing a New Tutor - Barbara Seguel

NEW Ebook - Modern Marketing, NEW Course - Green Walls and Roofs, Fee Increase Soon - Enrol Now, Which Courses Would You Like Us To Develop?

New Courses! Goat Production, Aquarium Management.NEW Ebooks Coming Soon. Student Feedback.

New Ebook: Scented Plants, Testimonial – Chloe Blumm, Aquaponics, New Course – Horticultural Therapy, Psychological Profiling Ebook Takes Off

New Ebook Psychological Profiling, Student Profile - Steve Thompson, Wildlife Management Course, Featured Course – Aquaculture

Featured Ebook How Children Think,Enrol Now to Avoid the Fee Increase,Mary Roberts, Koala Research Manager, A Green Christmas Idea

New Course launched, New E Book, New Bookkeeping Applications course, Fee Increase soon

Editorial, New E Book, Photography courses revised and updated

Editorial, New Courses in Development, New E Book Brochure Available,Testimonial

Graduate News, New Ebooks Coming Soon, Student Testimonial, New Course! Dog Care

NEW: Proficiency Award in Animal Care, Course News, NEW: Climbing Plants Ebook, NEW Horticultural Careers Resource

Coming Soon, Student Testimonial, Best Sellers, Gold Coast Show Day Holiday Friday 31st August

New Ebook - Horse Care, Student Testimonial, OAMPS Personal Indemnity Insurance, Most Popular Courses Last Week

Student Profile - Darrell Blackman, New Course - Cat Psychology & Training, A Resource for Horticulture Students, Course News, NEW Ebook! Plant Pests and Diseases

New Course! Dog Psychology and Training, Featured Ebook: Nutritional Therapy, Student Testimonial, Most Popular Courses Last Week

New Ebook! Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs, Featured Course - Introduction to Psychology, Student Testimonial, Most Popular Courses Last Week

Green Expo 2012 Gold Coast, Student Testimonial - RHS Course, How Does Pregnancy and Birth Affect Babies? Most Popular Courses Last Week

Over-Qualified and Under-Employed? Student Feedback, Graduates! What are you doing now? Best Sellers

Student Testimonial, ACS Preferred Member Training Provider, Best Sellers Last Week, New ACS Tutor

Student Article, Affiliate Meeting 2012, Student Testimonial, Best Sellers Last Week

Student FeedbackNew Ebook - Nutritional Therapy, Course News, Best Sellers Last Week

Student Feedback, Blog by John Mason, Most Popular Courses Last Week, Article: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Your Feedback Please, NEW Roses Ebook, New Bookshop for Mobiles, Tax Deductions, Most Popular Courses

New Ebook: Business Operations, Student Testimonial, New Hydroponics Course, Best Sellers

NEW Course-Information Security, Student Profile, Most Popular Courses Last Week

Student Testimonial, What's in Development at ACS? ACS Ebooks Now Available through Overdrive, Best Sellers.

Student Feedback, Course News, Most Popular Courses, NEW Marine Ebook, Happy Easter

Tutor Profile, Graduate News, New Ebooks Coming, Most Popular Courses

John Mason Visiting Melbourne, UK, Student Profile, Student Opportunities, Most Popular Courses

EBooks Coming Soon, Student Profile, Professional Associations, Popular Courses, Featured Ebook

Course News, New Ebooks Coming Soon, Popular Courses, and Student Testimonial

Is There a Famine Looming? IARC on Facebook, Books, and Most Popular Courses

New Ebook, New Herpetology Course, Excerpt from Freelance Writing Ebook

Understand Adolescents, Student Testimonial, and Most Popular Courses of the Week

Studying in 2012, and Training for Growth Industries

New Tutor Profile, ACS Student Profile, Join us on Facebook!

Course News, and Most Popular Courses this Month

Latest Course News, and Working With Animals

How to Get Healthy, Succeed, and Build Your Networks!

What is Urban Agriculture? New Courses Directory, Course News.!

Insurance Cover Offer to ACS Graduates, New Ebook!

Exciting New Pathway and NEW Physics Course!

Learn to Manage Stress - New Certificate

Grow Plants & Fish Together! New Aquaponics Course

Learn to Understand Adolescents and Children

Discover the Writer Within!

Build a Solid Foundation for a Career in Health!

Organic Farming - The Way of the Future!

Learn to Manage Events and Plan Weddings 

Tropical Plants!

Become a Master Chef in your own home

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