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November 2007 Newsletter

Got a Degree or Proficiency Award but struggling with the Career?

We’ve seen a lot of people get out of this situation by doing one of our courses – but you need to choose the right course. We provide a FREE course and career planning service to help people in this situation.

We’ve seen lives change when a degree is topped up with just ONE short course to complement the degree and turn a struggling graduate into a highly sought after professional!

Talk to us – there’s no obligation, and it’s FREE.


Enrol Now, Start next year
15% off any Course with an S3 fee code; if you enrol over the phone and pay by credit card or before the end of November.

Strict Terms – Expires November 30th
Some examples of our best selling S3 courses include:
Psychology: Crisis Counselling; Counselling Techniques; Life Coaching; Counselling Skills I; Developmental Psychology; Relationships & Communication Counselling; Organics: Organic Farming; Horticulture: Horticulture I; Practical Horticulture; Plant Protection… and more.


Graduate Picture

Penny Dawes recently completed her Certificate in Psychology; and her life is moving ahead in leaps and bounds.
To see her profile, click here


If you’re making multiple purchases, there are savings to be made!
*SEE Bookshop Specials section: Click here!  

Some great Christmas present ideas:

  • Browse our shop for Christmas ideas – without leaving home.
  • Dozens of great books and videos by highly qualified ACS tutors which are unavailable elsewhere!

cloudsGreat guide for parents
Do you know a new mother or father, or someone who’s pregnant this Christmas?
A great idea for a present is “Ages and Stages”, which is a parent's guide to normal childhood development from birth through to age 10.  Written in an engaging, practical style, Ages and Stages offers you the benefits of the most current research on child development, featuring helpful tips and techniques to foster your child's maturation. Click here for more information.


cloudsLearn to Identify Plants - made Easier!
Do you know someone who is looking to brush up on their plant identification skills? A great alternative to investing in a full course is to purchase our unique DVD collection on plant identification. Click here.




TitlesA great range  of titles…
ACS carries some other great titles too – for the more adventurous, a great Christmas present could be “Don’t Die in the Bush” – which covers Australia's best camp sites, bush skills and camp food, equipment, health and safety, outdoor activities, and more. Click here.


Are you an ACS Student on the Gold Coast or surrounds?
We are looking for models for a photoshoot. If you’re interested, or want to find out more, please contact [email protected]

Past ACS Students – profiles please!
We want to hear from you! What are you doing now? What did you study with us? How have you applied that knowledge? If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact [email protected] Many students find that this is also good free publicity for their companies.

Career Opportunities: Skills Shortage in Agriculture & Horticulture  
Click here to read this controversial article.

Will Australia & the UK starve or become malnourished?

Scary thought maybe, but there are real possibilities we should be worrying about.

  • More and more foods are being imported
  • Fuel and transport costs are increasing rapidly
  • Colleges have fewer students in horticulture and agriculture courses.

You have to wonder… if food import costs increase and the skills needed to grow food decreases; will we reach a point where we simply don’t have enough affordable food in the shops?
We all know that food contains more nutrients when it’s fresh; but we seem on a path that will lead to much less fresh food being available.

Maybe for the sake of your family it’s time to start thinking about going back to what your grandfathers did and starting a vegetable patch at home?

Enrol now

Home Based Businesses Set to Boom
A recent study showed that a person’s ‘level’ of happiness could be calculated down to a triangle of time – the points of the triangle being home, work, and your supermarket. The amount of time it takes to get from home to work and to the supermarket should be no more than half an hour, total, for optimum happiness! You can see then why working from home is becoming more and more popular. No more sitting in traffic, no more expenditure on rising fuel prices, more quality time with family, and women are able to have their cake and eat it too, by fulfilling their maternal needs as well as their professional needs.

There are lots of things you can do from home; and our courses are an ideal starting point. Careers that can be home-based include:
Bookkeeper; Garden Designer; Counsellor –Family counselling, grief counselling, life coach etc; Plant Nursery –some people make a living from a suburban backyard; Web Site Designer; Mail Order Business; Freelance Writer or photographer; Computer Service/repairs; Natural Therapist; Consultant …and more

Talk to us –we can help you map out a sensible, achievable path to developing your own home-based business.

ACS has as a College, satisfied the Complimentary Medicine Association of their expertise in the practice of Counselling, Naturopathy, Nutrition, & Natural Health.
The CMA is the peak body in this industry in the UK.

FAQ’s: click through for answers

1. How do I enrol? How do payment plans work?

  • For UK click here
  • For Australia click here

2.  Can I do exams from anywhere? How?
Yes – exams can be sat anywhere in the world. Click here for more info.

3. Are these courses credible?
Very! Click here to find out more!

4. How can I save on cost of a course?

  • Special offers or scholarships are offered periodically on a small range of courses. These sometimes provide significant savings.
  • If you are not concerned with getting a “formal pass”, you can purchase a CD study program without enrolling as a student at half price. (You have the option to pay an upgrade fee if you want to register as a student and have assessments done later on).
  • Many (though not all) courses are available on CD. If you choose the CD option with tuition (e.g. a tutor guiding you through your study, and marking your assignments) fees are 10% lower. If you choose the CD option without tuition, (although self assessment tests are still included) fees are 50% lower!
  • We offer a standard 5% discount to existing students when they enrol in a second course.
  • The cost per module is always less if you enrol in a certificate or Proficiency Award
  • Paying fees in full will be cheaper than paying in parts (on terms)
  • If two or more people enrol and share the same set of notes they can arrange a 25% discount if the FULL fees are paid on enrolment.


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