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December 2007 Newsletter

Enrol before Christmas in any Certificate course and receive a 10% Discount on Course Fees
*You can claim by any of the following ways:

-Enrol over the phone through the Australian or UK office, and arrange the discount on the phone
-Enrol by fax or snail mail, and write on your enrolment form that you are claiming the discount.

*Only applies if you contact the office on enrolment to claim
*Only applies to the fees processed prior to Christmas 2007. (Note: if  you choose a payment plan that is broken into parts, the 10% discount only applies to that part paid before Christmas 2007.


We all want to achieve more and live better lives, and we all tackle our goals in different ways.
If you’re thinking about a life change and are confused about choosing the right course to   achieve your goals, the following might help.

Choose a Resolution (If you want to)

Do this Course

Eat Healthier

Nutrition I


Exercise more/Get fit/Look great!

Personal Fitness


Become more Energy Efficient

Personal Energy Management


Be Less Stressed; Live a more balanced life

Stress Management


Excel in sports/Win

Sports Psychology


Work for Yourself

Starting a Small Business
&/or Entrepreneurship, or
Professional Practice for Consultants


Take Control of your Finances

 Financial Management


Make your Home a Healthier Environment for your family to live in

Healthy Buildings I & II

Become more Self Sufficient

Self Sufficiency I


Manage Water Supplies Better

Water Management & Conservation


Understand your kids better

Child Psychology
–for children
Adolescent Psychology –for teenagers


Write a Novel

Writing Fiction
or Creative Writing or Children’s Writing



Graduate Picture

Congratulations to Pauline Enright for the completion of "Crisis Management" with ACS.
click to read her story


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