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STOP assuming that a course will be good just because it is run by an established university or college.  Formal recognition doesn't mean the same as it used to if you want a quality education that will be of value well into the future.

The Issue
Universities teach how to understand things but not necessarily how to do things. Vocational Colleges teach how to do things, but not necessarily how to understand them.  This is a complex issue. So your choice is one or another- knowledge or skill.  Which one do you choose? 

Traditional education has been “knowledge” based, all about learning facts.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule but majority of institutions are still working similar to how they have for decades, if not centuries.

Competency Based Education has been widely adopted as a new concept (eg. Training Packages) but does placing a check mark next to a skill really mean that you are competent in skills?

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Nursery Management is one of the few modern guides to managing a plant nursery, and has been relied upon by nursery managers around the world. This second edition has been expanded and updated to be more valuable and will appeal to a broader range of readers. The book presents accessible and important information that will be useful to both production and retail plant nurseries. Various chapters focus on the vital elements of nursery management, including site selection, selecting and managing nursery stock, the minutiae of everyday practicalities such as propagation, potting and transplanting, growing media, pest and disease management. Additional topics are different types of equipment and structures required in a nursery. There is information on newly important plant breeding and ownership rights, management skills and marketing, plus an extensive glossary; lists of seed and material suppliers, and professional organisations.

This is a highly recommended for anyone considering setting up their own nursery, or current nursery managers who wish to keep abreast of new developments in the industry. Published by the CSIRO's Landlinks Press, Nursery Management is due out in late 2004. It will be available through the ACS bookshop. Contact us at [email protected]


Our Principal, John Mason presented Applying Technology in Distance Education at the International Society of Horticultural Science (ISHS) on August in Perth. His presentation was well received by educational fellows and institutions. To view the presentation, go to:


ACS recommends joining ISHS to all interested horticultural students, researchers and organisations. ISHS has over 5,500 members over 128 countries. A quarterly magazine and member registry are just a few benefits.

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Cost: 40 euros.


Dr. Brendan Tempest Mogg from our UK affiliate, Warnborough College will be speaking at this event. See for more details.

A major upgrade is underway. The ezine is going to look different over the coming months. View a free garden show video in this month's online edition.


Updated and expanded notes in a range of courses over recent times.

Upgraded courses include:

  • Landscaping I (several additional articles have been added)
  • Horse Care I (a significant new section has been added on dentition and aging)
  • Certificate in Horticulture (Core Studies Subject Guide and Accompanying Notes)
  • Workplace Health & Safety (Note: an extra two lessons, and the new version is now 100 hrs)
  • Garden Centre Management
  • Wholesale Nursery Management
  • Commercial Vegetable Production
  • Computer Servicing I
  • Computer Studies I
  • Digital Photography
  • Child Psychology
  • Starting a Small Business

Current students may certainly continue with current course notes in any of these courses but if you would like updated notes we can offer the following options:

  • We can email the new subject guide on request (no cost).
  • We can print and supply a fresh hard copy of upgraded notes for a supplementary fee of $50 per course.


Welcome New Staff Members

Vahini Panda

Vahini Panda
, Master of IT, B.Sc.(Nutrition), Cert Microsoft Networking, Cert Computer technician, Microsoft certified professional, Certified Novell Administrator

Vahini has 6 years experience in information technology. During her experience she has run a successful Ecommerce business, has worked in various IT support positions, Web design and Tutoring. Prior to her IT career she has worked as clinical dietician in a cardiac unit. Vahini is tutoring as well as doing IT support for ACS.


Katie Freeth

Katie Freeth, BSc (Hons) Horticulture: MI Hort - Member of the Institute of Horticulture (UK); CBiol -Chartered Biologist; MBiol -Member of the Institute of Biology (UK); MIfpra - Member of the International Federation of Park and Recreation Administration; ISHS -Member of the International Society for Horticultural Science

Katie has worked in horticulture and landscape management and development for over 20 years. She has worked in the Eastern Mediterranean , the Middle East and Europe as a landscape manager and a horticultural adviser. As an adviser she dealt with topics such as specialist husbandry and cultivation, soil amelioration, water saving techniques, plant choice, plant sources, plant nutrition, weed control and pest and disease control.

The UK Institute of Horticulture, appointed Katie as their Overseas Members Administrator in 1996. She is the European Secretary-elect for the International Federation of Park and Recreation Administration Katie writes for The Horticulturist , (journal of the Institute of Horticulture ); The Bulletin , (journal of Ifpra) and other publications.


More Staff News

Congratulations! Allan Booke has finished his MBA at Bond University , Gold Coast Australia . He will relocate to Canada late September. Don't fret though. He will continue as a tutor from there.

After a successful surgical operation, Tosca Zraikat is back in the office three days a week.

Katie Freeth is in Japan for the first part of September attending a conference with the International Federation of Parks & Recreation Administrators.

John Mason is speaking at the 8th International World Leisure Conference this month




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Volume 1, Issue 4
September 2004
Inside this Issue:
  • Where is Education going?
  • New Book Release
  • Principal's ISHS Presentation
  • ACA Conference in Brisbane
  • update
  • Course Upgrades
  • Staff News
  • Feedback Survey
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John Mason, Principal
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  • Horticulture I
  • Starting a Small Business
  • Human Nutrition I
  • Certificate in Horticulture
  • Certificate in Psychology




  • Digital Photography
  • Creative Writing
  • Horse Care I
  • Bookkeeping I

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