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New EBook - Getting Work in a Modern World 1

Getting Work in a Modern World 

This book takes a new and up to date look at how you can forge a career in a world where change is happening so fast that you can no longer reliably predict what jobs will be available in the future.
This is a valuable insight into the opportunities that still exist, and how you need to approach building your career. For students, parents, careers advisors, teachers, unemployed. The book can be found here

Courses Revised and Expanded

Our staff are constantly at work updating and expanding courses. Over the past week we have completed revisions of the following:

Horticulture Professionals gather in Melbourne

Any Horticulture professionals or students in our horticulture courses are invited to join members of the Australian Institute of Horticulture on Saturday November 10, for an evening hosted by Don Burke.

See the website here for the AIH Annual Dinner 2012
Our principal, John Mason will be there; so if you are an ACS student and come along, make yourself known to John.

What courses do you want us to develop?

Your feedback helps us decide what we should be developing.
Tell us which of the following you would be interested in studying.

  • Aromatherapy II –How to treat people with aromatherapy
  • Keeping Birds (Aviary Management)
  • Primates
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Party Planning
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Electronics

Are there other courses you would like to see us develop? Tell us What.

If you E-mail Denise and we will let you know if and when we are developing a new course

Top Selling Courses This Month

Zoo Keeping
Weight Loss Consultant
Child Psychology
Criminal Psycholog
Associate Proficiency Award in Information Technology
Associate Proficiency Award in Food and Nutrition
Certificate in Life Coaching
Permaculture Systems


What our students say about us...

Zoe Crouch, Aust - Animal Breeding course [link to course outlines UK & Aus for respective newsletters]
Yes[the course is a valuable learning experience], I am loving it, it relates to all the things I am presently doing with our dogs and sheep and I am finding it extremely useful and have learnt a lot. Love getting my assignments back to see how I went always an exciting moment and then shared around the dinner table that night!!
Arnold Taen, Netherlands - Proficiency Award in Animal Management [link to course outlines UK & Aus for respective newsletters]
Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]. It is providing me with new insights and development beyond my former knowledge of this subject. It also provides me with a proper basic knowledge to pursue my dreams in this career path.
Click here to see more feedback from a range of ACS courses [ [AUS} {UK}]

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