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Editorial - Fill in the Gaps to Kick Start a Career

Many people study and become qualified but then get stuck when they can’t get the job they expected.

It is critical to realise that study is only one piece of the puzzle and that many courses, even at the best universities, are not necessarily the complete answer to launching and sustaining a successful career.

We are often approached by people who have a fantastic education in their chosen discipline but lack a key element needed to convert that education into paid work. Sometimes all you need is a short course or some appropriate industry experience; or even a raised awareness of opportunities that exist.

We offer a FREE courses and career counselling service to help bridge this type of gap.

If you or someone you know is “stuck”, contact us at


New E Book

Checkout our new E Book "What to Plant Where" by John Mason.

See an outline, download an extract or purchase your copy by following this link.

A guide to choosing and using the right plant for all sorts of difficult situations, from hot places to cold, wet to dry and shaded to exposed.

John Mason has brought together more than 40 years of experience with gardens from the sub tropics to temperate climates, and across the world from Australia to the UK.

This book is intended for anyone from home gardeners to nurserymen, landscapers and gardeners. It is full of plant lists and easy reference charts as well as lots of high quality colour photos. 157 pages

Photography courses revised and updated

We have just finished a revision of 2 of our most popular photography courses.

Check out the full range of photography courses here

Our new tutor Daryl James has reviewed the courses and is ready to help regarding any questions on what course will suit you.

Daryl is very active in the photography field and community. He is a member of the committee for PSQ (Photographic Society of Queensland) which governs all the camera clubs across Queensland, Australia. Daryl is awaiting his final accreditation as a photography judge where his role will be to judge and provide advice to keen camera club photographers across Queensland.

If you have questions about the photography courses
please contact Daryl here

Daryl is also very active across the web and has valuable advice for students on social media. His sites can be found here.
| Personal site | Fine Art site | Facebook site | 500px site | Flickr site |

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