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News from our Writing Department

News from our Writing Faculty

Writing effective material that gets your message to your audience is such a valuable skill and is transferrable in many aspects of your life. ACS Distance Education has a range of courses and ebooks that demonstrate the many different writing techniques for different purposes and audiences.

Whether you want to become a professional writer, learn about publishing, want some hints on how to improve your creative writing skills or even brush up on your grammar, we have the course or ebook to help you.

New Courses that we have just released include:


Technical Writing (Advanced)

Writing Fiction

Legal Terminology

Professional Writing E-book

The Professional Writing E-Book book covers how to get into the Professional Writing industry and some techniques that you can use to write more persuasively in a professional context. Visit the bookshop to download a free sample or purchase a copy of this book.

Editing I (Editing and Proof Reading)

The Editing and Proof Reading course gives you the opportunity to set yourself up as a professional editor or gain work as a freelance proof reader.

This course covers editing, clear writing, the mechanics of clear writing, assessing manuscripts, proof reading and preparing the material for printing.

News from our Psychology Department

News from our Psychology Faculty

ACS Distance Education publishes e-books and delivers courses on psychology. Topics such as counselling, applied psychology and child development.

Whether you are interested in learning more for career development or for your your own personal development, we have many topics on psychology that you may be interested in.

Some of our new psychology courses include:

Criminal Psychology

Sports Psychology

Adolescent Psychology

Psychological Profiling E-book

The Psychological Profiling of an individual at its most basic gives an outline of what a person is really like in terms of their personality traits and characteristics. Psychological profiling of individuals can be used for many purposes including suitability for role in job candidates, determining somebody's personality or assessing their mental state. Learn how to assess an individual's personality through a variety of assessments and interview techniques. For a free sample or to purchase this book, please visit our bookshop.

Grief Counselling

The Grief Counselling course guides you on techniques that you can use to guide people on methods to deal with grief. Grief is the term used to describe the thoughts and behaviour that someone displays following a bereavement. Some of the topics covered in this course include explaining what Grief and Bereavement is, Stages of Grief, Adjusting to Grief and Abnormal Grief.

News from our Business Department

News from our Business Faculty

ACS Distance Education publishes books and offers numerous courses on business topics including starting and running a Small Business, Marketing and Sales and Management.

Whether you are interested in starting a new business venture or gaining new skills in marketing or even human resources management, our courses and ebooks can help you.

Some of our new business courses include:

Internet Marketing

Bookkeeping Foundations

Professional Practice for Consultants E-book

The Professional Practice for Consultants e-book covers all the things that you need to address on how to become a consultant including packaging and delivering your services, building your resources and finding work. Visit our bookshop to download your free sample of this book or purchase a copy.

Starting a Small Business

The Starting a Small Business course is a comprehensive introduction to starting your own business. It aims to show students the nature of a small business and the kinds of skills that are needed to be successful. Some of the topics covered include planning, devising business plans, promotions, budgets and bookkeeping.

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