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NEW Ebook Just Released - Business Operations

NEW Business Operations Ebook
In the daily operation of a business, some days will challenge you and some will inspire you. Most of them however will be just part of the daily routine of normal business operations. Unfortunately your business will not run itself - goals need to be set and decisions need to be made in order to achieve these goals. This book talks you through all of the different aspects involved in running a business from finance and forecasting to staffing changes and legal issues.

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Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial: Tiffany Gordon, Australia - Calf Rearing Graduate
"I've been working in the livestock (Dairy Cattle) industry for years and thought I knew it all. Calf rearing was one area I had limited knowledge of, and due to a new work role, I needed to know more... QUICKLY!!!
This course allowed me the freedom to work within the industry and learn at the same time. I learnt a lot of new and diverse calf rearing options that have now better prepared me for the 'real world' of calf rearing and my new role within the dairy industry. A great 'grounding' course, even for those who are hands on in raising claves. I have recommended this course to a few calf rearers already! I'd be happy to highly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in raising the next quality batch of calf replacements on their farm."


NEW COURSE! Hydroponics III

Learn more about Managing Hydroponic Systems!
This course has been developed to complement Hydroponics I and II; and is intended for people who already have some experience and understanding of hydroponics.
Course Content and Structure - There are eight lessons in this course as follows:
1. Options for Managing Plant Culture
2. Planning a Hydroponic Operation
3. System Design Components
4. Managing a Hydroponic System in Hot, Humid Conditions
5. Water Management
6. Nutrient Formulation
7. Controlling Nutrient Levels
8. Pest and Disease Control
Click here to read the full course outline.

Best Selling Courses Last Week

Below are our best selling courses from last week:
Animal Health Care
Careers Counselling
Creative Writing
Criminal Psychology
Certificate In Psychology
Event Management
Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A)
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