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News From our Agriculture Department

News from our Agriculture Department

Read our Agriculture Ebook - Profitable Farming
Discover new ways to make money from your farm and broaden your perspective on the farming industry.

A few things in life are certain; change is inevitable and people need to eat. Learn to embrace change as an opportunity and improve your ability to forge a sustainable career in farming.

To download a free sample, or to purchase, please click here.


Goat Production Course

Domestic goats are one of the most useful animals to have as they are easy to look after and feed. Therefore, they are very good for farming, as pets, or as pack animals.
As a domestic farm animal they can be used to produce a variety of products. Diary (milk, butter, yoghurt), Meat, Leather, Wool (fleece goats) and Soaps, body and hair care... to read the full course outline or to enrol in this course, please click here.

Will Australia Starve? Read our article by John Mason

Australia is facing the risk of a nationwide famine unless something is done to halt the haemorrhage of expertise from farming industries. Agriculture and Horticulture industries have lost around 70,000 employees in recent years (Reported by Agrifoods Skills Council Conference, in Sydney, Sept 07). Farm produce has declined, agricultural imports are increasing, and Australia's pool of expert agriculturists is decreasing. To read the full article, please click here.


News from our Recreation and Fitness Department

News from our Recreation and Fitness Department

Motivation Course
Learn to Motivate People!
Be a Motivator in Sport, Business, Health, Life in general.
Motivated people work better, live more satisfied lives and are generally healthier and happier.
Motivated employees drive the success of a business. Learn how to get the best of employees and clients by understanding more about this fascinating subject. Please click here.

Read our Article on Resistance Training Systems

Free Weights
These are the classical barbells, dumbbells and circular weights. They may include other equipment but the feature is that they are not connected to walls or machines that alter resistance and force. To read more please click here.

NEW Course - Primates

We are excited to announce the release of a high demand course: Primates (Primatology)

Are you interested in knowing all about primates? If so, this is the course for you! This comprehensive course will teach you all about the taxonomy, biology and management of primate animals both in captivity and the wild. Learn all about the differences between species of primates and the characteristics of each. This course also explains the nutritional, physical and psychological needs for keeping primates healthy in captivity and the wild. It looks at how to manage and breed primates in captivity and learning about conversation of primates in the wild. The course covers the following areas over nine engaging lessons:

1. Introduction to Primates –scope, nature, anatomy & physiology, evolution and taxonomy
2. The Strepsirhines
3. The Haplorhines
4. Diet and Nutrition re environment feed and supplements in a nature park environment
5. Health - Illness Pests and diseases specific to above
6. Primate Behaviour in the Wild
7. Breeding programmes and optimum resources needed for this
8. Conservation in the wild -of individual breeds?
9. Managing primates in Captivity

To read the full course outline or to enrol, please click here.

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