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Welcome to our Horticulture Department

Have you ever wanted to create the perfect garden but were unsure as to where to start? ACS has many HORTICULTURAL courses to choose from.

Visit our Horticulture Information page to learn about growing mushrooms, tropical plants, ornamentals and many other wonderful varieties of plants.

Read one of our latest horticulture ebooks: What to Plant Where Ebook

A great guide for choosing the right plant for a particular position in the garden. Thirteen chapters cover: plant selection, establishment, problems, and plants for wet areas. Shade, hedges and screens, dry gardens, coastal areas, small gardens, trees and shrubs, lawns and garden art.

Or, have you thought about learning more about Permaculture? To see a list of our Permaculture courses, click here

Perhaps a Japanese garden is of interest. There is a wealth of knowledge on how to create the perfect Japanese landscape on our website, and don't forget, there is a fantastic Landscaping course to compliment your new skills.

Welcome to our Pets Department

Learn to care for pets through reading one of our ebooks, or taking one of our courses!

One of our latest Petcare ebooks: DOGS (Caring for Dogs)

Dogs offer companionship, love and loyalty; the dog remains deeply a part of human life and our best friend. Contents cover breeds, creating a healthy home for dogs, legal issues, dog biology, recognising poor health, parasites, illnesses, nutrition, reproduction, dog psychology, behavioural development, training tips, behaviour problems, grooming, working in the dog industry, and more.

Why not try an Animal Health Care Course - a great place to start when wanting to know more about caring for animals in a home or veterinary practice.

Topics covered include: common health problems, animal behaviour, signs of ill health, veterinary facilities, safety and first aid, administration of animal health, preventative health care, routine health treatments, health problems in domestic pets and rehabilitation care.

Alternative Living

Are you interesting in creating a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle?

Learning to grow your own food can be very rewarding. ACS offer a wide variety of courses ranging from Home Fruit Growing to the Associate Proficiency Award in Turf.

Want to learn about Organic Gardening?

Read one of our ebooks: Organic Gardening.

For decades farmers have relied upon chemicals to control pests and diseases in order to produce saleable crops. In the ornamental, vegetable and fruit gardens reliance on chemical controls has also been the mainstay for many gardeners. There is however another way! Find out all you need to know about Organic Gardening in this colourful ebook!

Featured Course: Foundation Proficiency Award in Natural Health

The Foundation Proficiency Award in Natural Health will compliment your knowledge of alternative living by teaching you the skills to move forward into an exciting new career in the field of Natural Therapies.

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