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Ebooks in Development: Watch This Space!

ACS writers are well advanced in developing the following new e-books:
Marine Animals
Dog Care
English Grammar
Understanding Children: An Introduction to How Children Think
Growing and Using Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs
Growing and Using Roses
What to Plant Where
Operating a Business Successfully

These will become available progressively over the next few months. To see our list of ebook titles, visit

Student Profile - Hope Brock

Hope Brock - Professional Supervision (Click here to see the course outline)

" As a hospital and aged-care Chaplain, I visit weekly at two private, metropolitan hospitals in Brisbane. I believe very strongly in professional supervision and continuing professional development. In mid-2011, I was asked to act as Supervisor for a trainee chaplain so I wanted to enhance my competency in that role. Not having heard of ACS Distance Education, I found the site via 'Google' and was quite impressed but wondered if the Professional Supervision Course would suit chaplaincy. Following a helpful conversation with (ACS Tutor) Mr. Gavin Cole, I enrolled. In researching for and completing various assignments, I learnt much that has enriched my work as a Chaplain, guided me in supervising another and confirmed my commitment to best practice. In particular, the various supervisory models for different contexts were very informative, challenging me to broaden my perceptions, while the Set Tasks reminded me that knowledge is more valuable if it has practical application. For example, for several months last year I also worked with flood-affected people in the Ipswich region, which highlighted the fact that professional supervision is vital for chaplains who work 'at the coal face.' Now, as part of my continuing professional development, I'm completing Certificate IV in Mental Health through another provider."

Excerpt from Hope's Student Feedback Form:

Was the Course a valuable learning experience for you? Why?
Yes, the Course was definitely a valuable learning experience as it challenged me in new ways. The concept of problem based learning was different (stimulating though) and I believe it can complement (rather than replace) traditional methods. As well, I learned much more than I can remember, so the module will remain a valuable resource for me.

Did you receive good feedback (e.g. comments on your work, answers to questions) from your Tutor?
Before commencing, I discussed the relevance of the Supervision Course with a staff member. As it happened, he became my Tutor (Mr. Gavin Cole). Indeed, I cannot fault his support, feedback, guidance and encouragement throughout the entire period; and when I needed assistance with research, he went the extra mile. The turnaround time for assignments was always prompt and Gavin's comprehensive comments were indicative of his thoughtful evaluation of my work. Please convey to him my sincere appreciation.

Did you receive good service from administrative staff? Please add comments?
The administrative staff have been excellent, promptly and courteously responding to my enquiries and keeping me informed. Thank you all.

Hope Brock and her husband Ian Brock

What is Happening to Professional Associations?

Institutes and associations in everything from business to science used to be the main place that a graduate could network with colleagues. The printed journals they produced provided a place to publish news items, ideas and articles, and meeting details, a place to communicate and stay up to date with their industry.
The internet has changed this dynamic in many ways. Professionals are connecting increasingly through social media, and publishing their writing on the internet, or in downloadable e-publications.
Some professional bodies have adapted to, and taken advantage of the new media. Others have not. Some professional bodies still thrive; but many have shrunk in size and influence.
As a professional, it is important for students and graduates alike to build, maintain and engage with a network of other professionals. If you do not do that, you become out of touch, and risk stagnation.
The world is changing fast. It does not take a great deal of time and effort to connect with colleagues, and you have more options than ever today; through social media as well as services offered online by many professional bodies.
ACS has accounts with Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Blogspot, Wordpress and Linkedin.
To see the professional and industry bodies we have connections with, please click here.

Most Popular Courses Last Week

Our most popular courses over the last week have been:
Introduction To Psychology
Organic Farming
Permaculture Systems
Project Management
Wildlife Conservation
Animal Anatomy And Physiology (Animal Husbandry I )
Animal Behaviour (Psychology of Animals)
Animal Health Care
Biochemistry III (Animal Processes)
(Click on each link to see the full course outline)

Featured Ebook - Organic Gardening

Learn to garden organically, and produce 'safe food'!

For decades farmers have relied upon chemicals to control pests and diseases in order to produce saleable crops. In ornamental, vegetable and fruit gardens, reliance on chemical controls has also been the mainstay for many gardeners.

Unfortunately it is only recently that we have become aware that many of these chemicals are dangerous to humans, not to mention the environment! Natural gardening has however increased in popularity in recent years due to the conscious awareness of safety in the garden, the protection of the environment, plus the desire to produce uncontaminated crops that are healthy to eat.

To read a sample of this book, click here, then click on "Download Sample".

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