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Course News

News This Week
• New Counselling Book launched! Click here to see
• Hort Courses Website upgraded and relaunched. Check it out -
• Two extra Courses available for online study –Cutting Propagation & Plant Pathology
• Iris Course Revised & Expanded

Most Popular Courses this month

Animal Health Care
Human Biology IA
Horse Care I
Animal Feed and Nutrition

New Course
Proficiency Award in Animal Management
Train for a career or manage a business in farming, pet industries or with wildlife.
Click here to read about this course!

How Study with ACS Works

• As soon as you enrol, we send an email to explain it all.
• We direct you to a short orientation video (downloadable over the internet) to watch, where our principal introduces you to how the course works, and how you can access all sorts of support services.
• You are either given a code to access your course online, or sent out a CD or course materials through the mail (or by courier).
• Work through lessons one by one, each lesson typically having four parts:
o An aim - which tells you what you should be achieving in the lesson.
o Reading - notes written and regularly revised by our academic staff.
o Set Task(s) -These are practicals, research or other experiential learning tasks that strengthen and add to what you have been reading.
o Assignment - By answering questions, submitting them to a tutor, then getting feedback from the tutor, you confirm that you are on the right track, but more than that, you are guided to consider what you have been studying in different ways, broadening your perspective and reinforcing what you are learning about.
o Other - Your work in a course rarely stops at just the above four parts. Different courses and different students will need further learning experiences. Your set task or assignment may lead to other things, interacting with tutors or people in industry, reviewing additional reference materials or something else. We treat every student as an individual and supplement their learning needs as the occasion requires.
• We provide access to and encourage you to use a range of supplementary services including an online student room, online library, student bookshop, newsletters, social media etc.
• We provide a Student Manual, that is a quick solution to most problems that might occur.

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