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New Ebook

Aerobic fitness contributes more to your quality of life than perhaps any other aspect of fitness! This updated version of Aerobic Fitness is full of information about the body and its functions. It also contains detailed illustrations of which exercises to use for individual muscle groups.

A person with reasonable aerobic fitness usually has a healthy heart, lungs and circulatory system. This means that they are able to breathe well, absorb plenty of oxygen into the blood, and efficiently transfer that oxygen throughout the body. It also means that waste products can be easily removed from the body by being absorbed into the the blood and carried effectively to where they can be eliminated

By maintaining good aerobic fitness you will generally perform better in intellectual as well as physical pursuits; you will tend to resist illness better, live longer and find it easier to maintain a healthy mental state.

This book will assist the reader to generally improve their aerobic fitness levels and overall health. It looks at equipment, facilities and current trends within the fitness industry, including fitness testing, exercises, programming and safety.

The reader will also learn about the body and its functions, enabling them to educate others to reach their aerobic potential. Click here to read more!


OAMPS Cover offer for ACS Graduates

OAMPS welcomes Professional Indemnity insurance applications from ACS graduates. For all your insurance queries please click here.
Alternatively, contact OAMPS Insurance Brokers using the contact details below:
Facsimile: 1800 000 472
Postal Address: PO Box 852, East Melbourne VIC 8002
Email: [email protected]

Please note: Although you will reach the Natural Therapies Team, they have been trained to take applications across all disciplines.



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