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New Ebook Launched- Event Management

New Ebook Launched- Event Management

We have just launched a new Ebook- Event Management. This ebook covers all of the aspects of event management and all of the considerations and contingency plans that need to be implemented when organising an event. The chapters in this book are:

CHAPTER 1 Scope and Nature of Event Management
CHAPTER 2 Developing a Concept and Planning
CHAPTER 3 Organising the Resources Required
CHAPTER 4 Catering: Food and Drink
CHAPTER 5 Promoting an Event
CHAPTER 6 Managing the Clientele
CHAPTER 7 Risk Management, Legalities and Contingency Planning
CHAPTER 8 Delivering the Event
CHAPTER 9 Organising Celebrations and Parties
CHAPTER 10 Organising Exhibitions
CHAPTER 11 Organising Conferences and Seminars
CHAPTER 12 Working in the Event Industry

Download a sample or purchase this book on from our bookshop.

Top Selling Courses in June

Top selling courses in June

Poultry- Learn about chooks, ducks, geese, turkeys or other poultry.

Child Psychology- Gain an understanding of how children think.

Certificate in Construction- Develop a foundation for working in the construction industry.

Agronomy- Learn to grow grain, oil and fibre crops on a broad acre farm.

Ornithology- Discover the world of birds.

More Photos from ACS Principal's visit to the UK

More Photos from Principal's visit to the UK

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

We received this feedback from a student recently: Suzanne Payne - Aged Care and Counseling

Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why/Why not?
Yes it was. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and my knowledge regarding ageing and in particular healthy ageing was practically non-existent. I enjoyed some aspects of the counseling.

Did the course meet your expectations? Please add comments.
Yes it did and more. The grief and loss, losing a loved one, retirement, debilitating illness as was the section on preparing for approaching death.

Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? Please add comments.
Yes it did. It was presented in a very logical, methodical order.

Did you receive good Feedback (comments on your work, answers to your questions) from your tutor?
I received good feedback from my Tutor. My tutor was Gavin Cole.

Further comments?
I enjoyed the course and definitely believed I gained a lot from completing the course.

If you would like to find out more about the Aged Care and Counselling course, please click here.

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