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Another new ebook- Helping people cope with Grief or Crisis- Getting through difficult times

The ‘Helping people cope with Grief or Crisis- Getting through difficult times’ ebook gives you an understanding of grief and how to help and support others who are having a difficult time coping with loss or a crisis.

This book is designed as a handbook for counsellors or anyone else  to  help understand the difficulties that can arise and confront individuals; and to explore solutions for dealing with those difficult times. 

To see a sample of this ebook or to purchase a copy, please visit our bookshop.



Recent Graduates

A huge congratulations to some recent graduates of our courses:

Ellamae Royer- Certificate in Garden Design

Erin Doupain- Permaculture Design Certificate

Frances Bell- Certificate in Wildlife Management

Great work everybody!



What are our students up to? Mike Hutchinson tells us a bit about himself.

Mike Hutchinson is a student with ACS Distance Education in the UK and has completed four permaculture courses with us – Permaculture I, II, III and IV. Mike is definitely putting his study interests into practice. This is what he had to say:

“I’ve had an interest in permaculture for quite a number of years and about four years ago decided a course would be useful. Because of being often busy at weekends I couldn’t easily take a conventional Permaculture Design Certificate, but studying with ACS allowed me to fit this around other commitments.
My interest in gardening has been carried out in a mainly permacultural way since starting the courses. Since then I’ve also helped set up a community garden (I chair the group that runs this); after clearing an overgrown site we’ve had a decent amount of produce in the first year. (The website for this, which I created, and manage, is:
Mid-term, my partner and I are hoping to move to Scotland, where I'll spend more time developing permaculture projects.
I’m also interested in writing about permaculture and related areas and have had a few pieces published in Permaculture magazine and on their website. I now write for Future Grow Magazine too. My own website is” (Michael Hutchinson)


The Hits of 2013

Last year’s most popular courses were:
Event Management- Study all the aspects of event management.
Agronomy- Learn to grow grain, oil and fibre crops on a broad acre farm.
Horticulture I- Learn the principles, practices and plant identification.
Permaculture Systems- Learn to design a permaculture garden.
Poultry- Learn all about poultry for a hobby or commercial farm.


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for 2014?
Whether your New Year’s Resolution includes professional development or personal development, we have a course for you!

Get your career booming along in 2014 with some of our Professional Development courses:
Bookkeeping Applications
Event Management
Marketing Foundations
Project Management
Starting a Nursery

Why not indulge yourself and study something that you are really interested in- who knows where it may lead- a new career, starting a new business, learning new skills and getting more involved in a hobby or area that you are passionate about:
Horticulture & Gardening
Pet Care
Foundation Proficiency Award in Natural Health
Health & Fitness
Environment & Wildlife
Not sure what to study? Contact one of our Course Counsellors to discuss your options today!


How Writing has Changed?- What's Changed in Writing and Publishing?

First, it's necessary to understand that publishing anything, in either a print or electronic format; involves several stages:

Stage 1 -Creating Raw Intellectual Property: This is the writing, photography, and/or creating drawings or illustrations.

Stage 2 -Editing: This involves reorganising and refining the intellectual property into a form that can be used for publishing.

Stage 3 -Design or Layout: This involves applying graphic art or design skills to create a visual image that will be seen by a reader. The final image combining words and graphics is created here.

Stage 4 -Publishing: This involves putting the images into a form that can be accessed by the reader; perhaps printed material, perhaps images on the internet, or maybe images on a CD.

Stage 5 -Marketing: This involves promoting, selling and distributing the published work to readers.

Read More here.

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