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Featured Course - Adolescent Psychology

Do you work with adolescents, or have adolescent children or grandchildren? The teenage years can be a time of great conflict and confusion. Developing an understanding of the psychology of a teenager can greatly help to ease these years for all involved. This course was developed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, and is written in a way that is easy to follow, with many opportunities to apply your own personal circumstances to assist your learning.

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Student Feedback - Viticulture Course

We regularly ask our students to provide feedback on our courses to make sure that we continue to deliver high quality education. Here is what one student (James McKelvey) who is already working in the wine making industry recently had to say about his viticulture course:

Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why?
Yes, It gave me extra knowledge of the industry that I am currently working in.

Did the course meet your expectations?
Yes, it covered all aspects of the industry.

Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)?
Yes, I liked the way you had to work through each lesson/category.

Were there any parts of the module/unit where you had particular difficulties? Which parts?
Yes, selecting a site and preparation of a vineyard, as I had not experienced this in my work.

Did you receive good feedback (e.g. comments on your work, answers to questions) from your Tutor? Who was your tutor?
Yes, I received excellent feedback from my tutor.
Adrianna Fraser.

Are there any parts of the module/unit you feel could be improved? If so how?
No, I think it was covered very well.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?
Yes, only that I enjoyed the viticulture course, it has given me extra knowledge that i will use.

To read more about the Viticulture course, please click here.

Most Popular Courses This Week

Our most popular courses for this week were:

Animal Health Care
This course is designed to help you understand animal health care, and basic veterinarian procedures. Read more...

Book Keeping I
This is a sound foundation course for anyone working or wishing to work in bookkeeping, including: business owners, administration or accounts employees, or anyone seeking a career as a book keeper. Read more...

Certificate in Garden Design
This course was developed by John Mason (garden magazine editor and landscaper) with input from over 20 professional garden designers and hortriculturists from Australia, the UK and beyond. Read more...

Click on each link to find out more about each course.

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