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Start Your Own Business

... You might not have any other option!

With more technology, todays world is increasingly one of more business activity; but businesses that employ fewer people.
It used to be 'the norm' for people to work for someone else; but these days, even people who work for someone else will often run a small business on the side. In the future, this may be the only way to get ahead and stay ahead.

Up to 90% of small businesses may fail; but far fewer well planned and properly conceived businesses will ever fail.

We can help!

Read ACS Distance Education Principal John Mason's book: Starting a Business ($AUD)
Starting a Business (£)

Enrol in our Starting a Small Business Course ! (Australian website link)
Starting a Small Business Course (UK website link)

Book Launch!

Book Launch: HUMAN NUTRITION 1st edition - by Staff of ACS Distance Education

An all new reference book, providing a solid overview on human food and nutrition requirements, we are proud to announce the release of this exciting new title.
Throughout history there has been a vast array of nutritional claims and dietary advice. For example, there is evidence of dietary regimens involving fasting as far back as in Ancient Greece and many examples since of diet being used either to restrict intake to lose weight or to act as a cure for a medical complaint. While it is true that the areas of diet and nutrition are subject to evolving research, there are basic concepts and advice that do not alter. Throughout this ebook we will return to these basic concepts whilst also considering the value of new research and developments.

$18.95 through our Australian bookshop (Click here) or £12.10 through our UK bookshop (Click here).

Opinion - John Mason

Is your career sustainable?
"Sustainability" is all the buzz when we talk about anything; from the environment and business to agriculture, politics or education.
The world is changing faster than ever; driven by the emergence of developing nations, increased population, advancing technologies and environmental degradation.

Are you making a fundamental mistake?
A lot of people ask us: "What course should I do to get a particular job?"
The problem is that the jobs which are available are changing so fast that by the time you complete your studies, the job you are training for might not be available any more; or even if it is, something else may have emerged that is more desirable (and sustainable).

Employers recognise change and are looking for different things from job applicants.
Many of the people who ask about doing a course are assuming that 90% of what they need to get a job is to have the "right qualification". This may have been the case 10 years ago, and in fewer and fewer areas of work it might still be the case. For most employers though, your education is only one of many parts of what they look for in an employee.

What is the Answer? What should you study?
Education today needs to teach you more than just the skills that are needed for a job that exists today but might be gone tomorrow. We are working hard at trying to do this; as are all the colleges in our affiliates' network. "Education for a Sustainable Career" is our aim.

- Choose what you study carefully, and enrol with a school that helps you develop more than just hands on skills that are likely to go out of date.
- Look for courses that teach you how to understand the discipline or industry; giving you a theoretical foundation and helping you to build networks within your chosen industry (so your knowledge grows and your awareness stays up to date).
- Do not try to take on more than you are capable of finishing within a reasonable time frame If you study a degree over 6 years part time, you will be in a totally different labour market by the time you finish. If you do a certificate in 6 months, the world will not have changed anywhere near as much while you studied. You can then reassess and do further studies to upgrade to perhaps an associate Proficiency Award, and after that keep studying... eventually moving onto a degree if that appeals to you.
- Use our Course Counselling service so you get very personalised advice about what study path to follow.

Christmas Greetings & Farewell to 2011

The office officially closes for Christmas on 23rd December 2011and re-opens on Monday January 9th 2012.

2011 was a great year, and 2012 is already looking like the most exciting year ever for ACS and our affiliated colleges.
- More courses and e books are being developed and will be launched in the first half of next year.
- Westpac bank surprised us with a business award in the middle of 2011, and we hope to continue to see a growing recognition through 2012
- Enrolments in ACS courses across our affiliated schools grew by over 100% through 2011
- Services to students continued to expand. Amongst other things, arranging for students and graduates to be able to purchase professional indemnity insurance from OAMPS (previously AMP) in Australia and Tower Insurance in the UK & Europe.
- Establishing very active social networking; if you haven't done so yet, join us on Facebook!

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