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ACS Yates Student Awards

Congratulations to two of this years outstanding students who have been awarded book prizes (Yates Garden Guide, 2011) by the leading Australian garden product company, Yates:

Most Promising Garden Design Graduate: Student: Janna Schreier
Janna is a dedicated, committed student and promises to be a very talented garden designer. Janna passed both the RHS Cert 2 and the RHS cert 3 exams with commendations and even flew to the UK to undertake the practical components. She is from Canberra and has set up a landscape design business. The minute she got back from her trip to the UK, contracts started to roll in! Visit to find out more about Janna.

Community Service Award: Joy Edmonds
Joy is an inspiration to us all! At 85 she continues to do a tremendous amount of community work. She completed the Practical Horticulture course and is enrolling in the Herbs course next. She is an extremely dedicated student, has a 5 acre property, grows all her own food and herbs and is always doing something new. Joy is into hydroponics, organic growing, community gardens and so on. Joy loves learning new things.

We wish them all the best for the future.

Janna Schreier

Joy Edmonds

Why Choose us?

- Service: We put the student first; tutors and administration can be contacted 5 days a week, 50 weeks of the year, by phone or email.
- We provide better Learning: we've been delivering distance education for over 3 decades, and we understand how people learn by home study.
- Our methods are unique, developed through trial and error always with our focus
squarely on helping you learn.
- Up to Date: We are continually revising and updating courses. We listen to our students' feedback and we always improve the course if a change is identified that will help significantly improve your learning.
- More Choice: Graduates need a set of skills that will set them apart and give them an advantage over competition in the world after study. We have a wide variety of study choices, and give you lots of options to choose different paths throughout a course. Doing this has meant an ACS graduate is always different to other ACS graduates; and that difference has made our graduates very successful.
- No Short Cuts:You can't take short cuts in learning; and that is why our courses are often longer than what you find elsewhere. Sure, anyone can study a short course, quickly sit an exam (while the information is fresh) and pass; but if you want to really understand something and retain it, that takes time.
- More than just Learning Facts: We understand that success in the workplace or business requires you to not only learn things, but also build networks, understand the commercial world, be able to solve problems, communicate with people, and develop an attitude that will function in your chosen industry.
Our courses are designed to develop all of these things.

Hot Courses!

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