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Spring is almost here- Get outside and garden!

Spring is almost here- Get outside and garden!

Spring is almost with us. The weather is starting to warm up. It's the perfect time to get out in the garden and give it a good tidy up. Perhaps you are feeling inspired to give it a make over or start a veggie garden?

Your perennials will start emerging, giving you a bright spray of colour outside.

Your garden is desperate for a new garden design, learn home landscaping.

A green wall would add another dimension- imagine how a lush green wall would look in your garden.

Why not consider a veggie garden? Healthy delicious home-grown vegetables right in your own backyard, with a home vegetable growing course.

Sit back in your backyard after all of your hard work and read an e-book from our bookshop- perhaps learn more on your vegetable garden or what to plant where in the garden.

Top Selling Courses for the week

Top Selling Courses for the week

Child Psychology- Child psychology is concerned with the development a child, involving the development of mental processes (ie. cognitive development) as well as emotional and social behaviour.

Developmental Learning & Behavioural Disorders in Children & Adolescents- Learn the signs, symptoms and treatments for developmental disorders in children.

Event Management- To ensure the success of an event, an event coordinator must ensure that project management, effective management of resources, risk & financial management, effective staging and follow up at the end of the event are all conducted.

Horticulture I- Learn to identify plants and plant families, planting, soils, plant nutrition, water management, garden maintenance, pests and diseases, pruning, landscaping, propagation, lawns and arboriculture.

Tissue Culture- Learn to propagate plants using micropropagation techniques in a laboratory.

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

Rhonda Rae, Student, Workshop 1 BGN103

Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Yes- Taught me problem solving skills. Gave me confidence in problem solving.

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes it taught me how to approach things and how it works best for me. Each project allowed me to develop further.

Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? I like the way the course is structured. It works well with my way of studying

Did you receive good feedback from your tutor? Who was your tutor? Tutor- Jade- was great. Always helpful/ positive feedback. It kept me confident and I looked forward to every completed project with her comments.

Did you receive good service from school administrative staff? Admin staff have always been great driving my years of study.

Article in Outdoor and Poolside Living Magazine

Article in Outdoor and Poolside Living Magazine

Our Principal, John Mason has published an article, 'Gardening in Containers' in the latest Outdoor & Poolside Living magazine, published by Queensland Homes. Have a look out for the magazine in your newsagent today.

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