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Ebook of the Week - Starting a Business

Ebook of the Week- Starting a Business

Starting a new business can be a daunting experience. With some careful preparation, it really doesn't need to be. 'Starting a Business' is the perfect guide to gaining a solid understanding of business principals. Businesses do not need to fail. What you do in the planning stages of your business can make or break you - so it's wise to do a little reading first! There are five important things to consider when starting a new business:

1. Getting a product that can be sold.

2. Establishing systems to manage the business.

3. Finding potential customers.

4. Selling to those potential customers.

5. Delivering the product.

To download a sample of this book, or purchase a copy, please click here.

Featured Course - Dog Care

Featured Course - Dog Care

Are you interested in a career with dogs or would you like to know more about caring for your own dogs? This comprehensive course on dogs goes through all of the information that you need to know on how to care for dogs. Divided into 9 lessons, this course covers the following topics:

Introduction to Dog Care, Canine Biology, Dog Health Parts I and II, Dog Breeds, Breeding, Dog Behaviour and Training, Grooming and Other Dog Services.

For more information or to enrol into this course, please click here.

Most Popular Courses This Week

Most Popular Courses This Week

Here are ten of our most popular courses for the week. Click on each link to read more about each course:


Certificate in Agriculture - Self Designed


Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A)


Animal Health Care


Beef Cattle


Legal Terminology


Life Coaching


Medicinal Herbs


Nature Park Management I


Organic Farming


Propagation I



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