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  • Certificate in Photography

    Professional training in photography. Learn how to do business in the photo industry. Improve your technical skills in taking photos, selling supplies and processing photos.
  • Digital Photography

    Learn how to take photographs using a digital camera. Gain knowledge on equipment, computer specifications, editing software, photographic composition, and more.
  • Hobby Photography

    Learn the tools of taking a good photograph. In this online course you will learn how to use a camera, the effect of light, photographic technique and how to improve your style.
  • Introduction To Photography

    Study online the basics of film and digital photography. Learn how images are captured, how to use photographic equipment, processing and developing camera film.
  • Landscape Photography

    Study the principles of landscape photography online. Learn how to create effects and develop your style photographing natural landscapes, streetscapes and water.
  • Travel Photography

    Taking photos while travelling presents many challenges. Learn online how to manage equipment and develop your style to photograph a variety of subjects and scenes.
  • Wedding Photography

    100 hour online training to learn wedding photography. A course for event planners, photographers, or anyone wanting to improve or broaden their photo skills.
  • Photographic Lighting

    Learn how to use light in photography. Gain an understanding of sensiometry, sources of light, filters, manipulating light and how they influence the image.
  • Photographing People

    Learn the techniques for photographing people. Develop your understanding of portraiture and gain skills in wedding, action, fashion and nude photography.
  • Photojournalism Practice I

    Photography School -Study photography for a career or job in photography, to start a photo business or take better photos; learning by distance education, through online home study or a photography correspondence course.
  • Photojournalism Practice I

    Study photojournalism practice online to learn how to select photos and articles for publication and how to meet the requirements of an editor and publisher.
  • Practical Horticulture 1

    Study practical horticultural skills and techniques to learn better horticultural practices for garden maintenance, nursery work, landscaping, crop production or other areas of horticultural work.
  • Practical Horticulture I

    Learn practical horticulture skills studying from home. Theory and practical tasks in soil analysis, plant propagation, identification of plants, pests and weeds, risk assessment.