Electronic publishing has become a significant industry. It offers opportunities that go beyond print media, and has advantages for authors, publishers, students, and educators, among others.

In addition to the more obvious benefits of lower production costs, faster and smaller print runs, more flexibility, and greater profits for publishers (and perhaps for self-publishing authors), electronic publishing allows more presentation options, such as animation, interactive elements, videos, etc., and greater research options, such as direct searches by keyword, publication, or author, etc. Also, an electronically published article may contain active links to other web pages, articles, or files. Such possibilities simply do not exist for print media.

Articles may also be submitted and managed differently. Publishers have more opportunities to control, edit and manage work, and can allow writers opportunities to become more involved in ways that are not possible with print media.


Often, publishing involves a series of people, each with different skills.

  • Material might be written by a person who is skilled at writing.
  • Another person skilled in computer graphics might be needed to do the layout
  • A third person skilled in programming might be required after the layout is completed to place the publication on the internet so it can be accessed live.

Management Systems

Some web sites and ezines have been developed with sophisticated programming that allows writers with limited programming or graphic skills to complete the entire process of publishing themselves. The student ezine, the ACS Student Magazine, created by this school is one such system.

Using a management system such as this it is possible for someone with limited computer skills to do the following:

  • become familiar with a current edition of the publication
  • learn to use an online management system for a publication
  • plan content for a publication
  • write content for an online edition of the publication
  • submit the product to your mentor for comment
  • make adjustments to the submitted document as needed
  • authorise the item to go live on the internet.

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