Do you Get Tired Easily?

How is your overall personal energy level at this very moment?
How much of a role do you feel it plays in your ability to accomplish things on the job?
Do you wish to become a highly capable manager of your energy supply?

What is Personal Energy?

Personal energy is the amount of stamina, vigor, or "juice" you have to complete a given task or engage in a particular activity. It is useful to think in terms of three types of personal energy: physical, intellectual, and emotional.
These three "types" are all different and in many respects independent to each other; but they also impact upon each other. eg. A bad "emotional" state of mind will cause emotional exhaustion before physical or intellectual exhaustion; but in time, it will also cause significant deterioration in your intellectual and physical energy levels
Physical Energy

The human body needs proper nutrition (food), a healthy physical environment (eg. no pollutants), and exercise. If you neglect any of these things, your physical energy will be diminished.

Intellectual Energy

The following factors are "warning signs". If you recognise any of these, you may have diminished intellectual energy.

  1. A work pattern that emphasizes avoiding negative outcomes, rather than seeking positive results.
  2. Operating as a Universal Donor. Pursuing a work style which focuses on meeting as many needs of other persons as possible, but with insufficient attention to one's own needs.
  3. Inadequate planning in regard to specific tasks/activities.
  4. Insufficient education, training, or skills.
  5. Unclear or conflicting objectives.
  6. Having to deal with an inefficient or outmoded management information system.
  7. Inadequate support from colleagues, either from above or below.
  8. Poor self and time management skills, which result in unproductive uses of energy.

Emotional Energy
Consider these warning signs that may indicate diminished emotional energy. 
  1. Feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude or complexity of the task at hand.
  2. Negative personal or family matters, such as a troubled marriage, a problematic child, or a conflicting relationship with a co-worker.
  3. Negativity in others. Negative people have the potential to lower mood, increase stress levels in other persons, and so on.
  4. Negative thinking and attitude. Your own negative thinking acts as a drain on your energy, which is wasted on worry, anxiety, gloom, and often, on blaming others.
  5. Co-workers who are poor time managers, and who have the potential to waste your time.
  6. Poor self-management or time-management skills, which can cause you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, out of control, all of which will drain your energies.
  7. Working or living in an environment where negative management or communication styles (e.g., criticism, punishment, teasing etc) predominate.
We offer a 100 Hour Distance Education Course on Personal Energy Management
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