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- Learn to Motivate People
- Be a Motivator in Sport, Business, Health, Life in general
 Motivated people work better, live more satisfied lives and are generally healthier and happier. 
 Motivated employees drive the success of a business. Learn how to get the best of employees by understanding more about this fascinating subject. Read more and enrol here.

Advanced Certificate in Personal Training
Start or Build a Business as a Personal Trainer.  Personal Trainers are usually self-employed people who work one on one with clients, providing services that are more in depth and often with a broader scope than what a typical gym based fitness leader might offer. Read more & enrol here.

Play Leadership
This course is for anyone who wants to increase the amazing range of play opportunities for children and teenagers. Children who have learnt how to play, will have a more playful and creative approach to life as adults. Read more & enrol here

This course offers you a valuable blend of nutritional, coaching and counseling skills.   This course is suitable for people who need to provide nutritional advise and coaching.  Electives include sport nutrition, childrens nutrition & more.  Read more & enrol here
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A person with good aerobic fitness usually has a healthy heart, lungs and circulatory system.  This means that they are able to absorb plenty of oxygen into the blood, and efficiently transfer that oxygen throughout the body. Learn all about aerobic fitness - download a free sample or purchase this ebook.
Human Nutrition
This ebook was written to complement the ACS Nutrition I course, and provides a solid foundation for anyone wanting to grasp a fundamental understanding of Human Nutrition.  Download a free sample or purchase this ebook.

  • Become a Personal Trainer or Recreation Leader
  • Start a Fitness, Coaching & Leisure Industry Business
  • Develop a Career in Health, Fitness and Coaching
Health, Fitness and Recreation are all related segments of the Leisure industry.
In today's world, preventative health care is more important than ever. If you participate in adequate recreation activities, maintain good nutrition and fitness, through proper exercise and eating, then your overall health will benefit.

This site provides plenty of free information and advice on health, fitness and nutrition; as well as recreation leadership and management. It also provides information on distance education and careers in a wide range of areas including recreation leadership, recreation management, fitness leadership, aqua fitness, recreation facility management, human nutrition, resistance exercise and lots more.