Animals get Cold Too

With winter coming along soon, don’t forget the animals: they can feel the cold too. Wildlife, such as possums, appreciate a protected place to nest over winter. The most natural place is a hollow of a tree, protected from wind and rain. When these places are removed (if we chop down too many trees), animals have little choice but to seek out other places such as the roofs of houses. Talk to your local council, or conservation group to see if they have information on how to provide shelter/nesting places for animals in your garden.

What about our pets

There are ways to make our animals more comfortable in the cooler months, and now is the time to prepare for that eventuality.

  • Provide shelters in hot or cold weather for any animals. Extreme conditions can affect pgs, cattle, rabbits or reptiles; just as much as they can affect humans.
  • Provide dogs with a well made kennel, and place some soft bedding inside to help warm them.
  • Install a dog or cat door so your dog or cat can come inside -even resricting them to one room -on a cold night.
  • Buy or make a winter coat for your dog. Most pet shops sell them, but make sure there are openings in the appropriate places for them to go to the toilet.
  • Keep horses in stables, or use horse blankets over winter.
  • Windbreaks can be used to reduce the chill factor in cold weather; and perhaps provide shade in hot weather.
  • Cover any gaps in the walls of caged animals (such as the shelter areas in bird aviaries) to prevent cold winds and rain from entering.
  • Provide an alternative site for your pet to shelter or sleep, such as under your house, in your laundry, in a garage or shed.

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