....but they can also be environmentally and "people" friendly.

Building biology, bio-house design, biological architecture and ecological building all refer to the construction of a building along lines of more natural, renewable resources and health of the occupants. In other words buildings become more people-friendly. It aims to establish a balance between technology, culture and biology.
"Building Biology deals with the study of living organisms in and around the building environment which have direct or indirect effect on the health of the building fabric, its materials, structures, environments and occupants." Jagjit Singh (1993)

What Are Building Diseases

  • Chemical - As mentioned above due to their fumes.

  • Electrical - The human body is sensitive to electrical frequencies. Wiring should be minimal, not placed closer than 1 metre to the sleeping bed, and the use of T.V. and other appliances should be reduced. Even static electricity from synthetic floor coverings can cause problems.

  • Cage - This occurs when concrete and steel buildings screen out natural radiations which help regulate life systems.

  • Location - This covers geobiology which is concerned with natural radiation that originates within the earth. It is a new science based on traditional principles.

Building Biology also deals with the environment in general and the climate of living. The climate of living can be determined by things such as:

  • installations and furnishings

  • noise and acoustics

  • lighting and colours

  • radiation, avoiding disturbed areas

  • radioactivity

  • space, form and proportion

  • physiology and psychology of living and working

  • city planning with biological, ecological and sociological aspects.

Bio-houses and bio-settlements have been sprouting up throughout Europe over the years. They frequently contain solar temperature-control systems or insulated winter gardens for heating. Sites are surveyed with divining rods to ensure the area is free of ground water veins and other electromagnetic disturbances.

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