How do you get Practical training in a Distance Education Course?

Many people who have never studied distance education assume it is very theoretical, and is not as practical as classroom education.

This may have been the case fifty years ago, but today’s world is very different.

Technology has opened up lots of new possibilities for distance education (eg. Email, internet, fax, DVD, Video, Digital photography, mobile phones, etc).

Classroom education at the same time has become increasingly pressured by lack of funds; and often the type of “practical” class experienced by our parents is no longer financially viable in today’s classroom.

ACS has used both technology and “real life” projects throughout the courses to ensure your studies are very practical and relevant. The courses are certainly a great deal more than just reading and answering questions. Amongst other things, you are encouraged to network with people in industry and fellow students, to observe “real life” case studies, and to undertake experimentation.
Every course can be different in the way it provides you with the practical learning.


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