How can a wedding planner help plan a wedding?

A wedding planner can manage what is often classified as one of the most stressful events that a person can be involved in turning it into a stressful event into a relaxing and enjoyable event, where the happy couple can focus on the celebration of their love.

There are so many factors to consider when planning a wedding, including:

- Budget

- Venue

- Ceremony

- Whether religion would be included or not

- Catering

- Entertainment

- Order of Events

- Organising and Inviting Guests

- Wedding party clothing- dresses, suits, etc

- Gifts for the guests

- Gifts for the bridal party

- Printing Invites

- Arranging the cake

- Managing third parties- including hair, make up, celebrant and all of the other people you would need to communicate with for the wedding day.

A wedding planner, who has exceptional organisational and event management skills, will be able to manage these considerations and arrange a happy, successful event, irrespective of the size of the wedding.

Some other essential skills that a wedding planner will need includes:

- Excellent communication skills

- Conflict Management Skills

- Understanding Project management

- Understanding of Budget management

- Problem Solving Skills

- Negotiation skills

- Be empathetic and understanding

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