Courses in Horticultural Techniques


Learn to identify diseases, insects & weeds; and to select and use appropriate treatments. Control techniques and safety are both covered in detail. There are ten lessons as follows:
1. Introduction - scientific names, terms, diagnosing problems.

2. Control Techniques - natural & chemical.
3. Chemicals - characteristics.
4. Identifying Diseases - symptoms, fungi and viruses, and other pathogens.
5. Disease Control - life cycle of fungi.
6. Insect Classification and biology.
7. Insect Control - how to control pests.
8. Other Pests - nematodes, snails, millipedes.
9. Weed Identification and chemical control.
10.Non-chemical Weed Control.

Fee Code: S3
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An accredited 600 hr certificate that provides initial training in the area of plant protection. This course is similar to other VHT002 horticulture certificates in it's introductory (core) units, but devotes 50% of the course to topics specifically related to plant protection.
The Plant Protection stream is divided into the following:
1. Diagnosing Problems 2. Pest & Disease Problems
3. Nutrient & Environmental Problems 4. Pest Collection
5. Natural vs Chemical Controls 6. Integrated Pest Management
7. Application Equipment 8. Pesticide Grouping
9. Chemical Terminology 10. Pesticide Timing
11. Pesticide Dynamics 12. Controlling Pests
13. Controlling Diseases 14. Controlling Pests & Diseases In Nurseries
15. Controlling Other Factors

Fee Code: CT plus exam fees
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Plant Pests and Diseases - PDF ebook

Are you one of those people that kill every plant you touch? Perhaps it's not you. Perhaps it's a pest or disease. A little bit of reading might just turn your garden into an oasis. Learn how to identify pests and diseases and bring the spring back into your plant

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