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Everyone must eat - and that fact arguable makes the food industry the more important than any other industry. We all spend a high proportion of our weekly budget on food; and the food choices we make can impact on our health, wellbeing (and ultimately happiness), more than anything else we do.

  • Learning about food and nutrition is something everyone should do for their own wellbeing.
  • Learning to work with food and nutrition can open up a wide and wonderful array of business and career opportunities.

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Introduction to Food and Nutrition (20 hrs)

Human Nutrition I (100 hrs)

Human Nutrition II (100 hrs)

Human Nutrition III (100 hrs)

Children's Nutrition (100 hrs)

Sports Nutrition (100 hrs)

 Therapeutic Nutrition  (100 hrs)

Weight Loss Nutrition (100 hrs)

Food and Beverage Management (100 hrs)

Food Preparation (100 hrs)

Bar Service (100 hrs)

Food Processing and Technology - coming soon (100 hrs)


 Certificate in Nutritional Counselling (600 hrs)

Proficiency Award 2 in Nutritional Science (1500 hrs)

Proficiency Award 3 in Food and Beverage Services (2100 hrs)



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We are what we eat. Learning about food is learning to care for yourself.

ACS helps people learn to grow, process, store and use foods. It helps you understand the biology of the human body, the biochemistry of food and more.

Learn how food can impact your health, in a negative way, or in a positive way.