There are three aspects to health:

A/ Emotional or Mental health  (Healthy thoughts & attitudes)

 B/ Structural Health  (The health of the body is structurally sound ‑the bones, muscles, organs etc. are physically in good condition ‑not damaged ‑performing the functions they should perform)

C/ Chemical Health  (The chemicals in our body are correct ‑there are no toxic chemicals ‑the tissues are made up of the appropriate balance of nutrients etc.).

Conventional medicine tends to concentrate on only some aspects of this three point analysis.

Everything Inter -relates!

Health is more than just the absence of disease or illness. Both physical health and mental health underlie our overall sense of wellbeing. Health is all aspects of our being including the social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, mental and physical parts. 

Psychology affect Physical Illness

Physical illnesses may very easily be caused by emotional and psychological factors.
Although mainstream medicine has focused on physical diseases, Freud has developed insights with his levels of consciousness, Pavlov with conditioned responses, and Cannon with his explanation of the fight-or-flight nervous system response introduced psychological factors and the notion of psychosomatic illnesses.

'Psychosomatic illnesses' are widely used to explain physical illness with known psychological causes, or at least those significantly influenced by psychological factors. Many medical professionals acknowledge the influence of emotional factors in heart attack, hypertension, heart disease, stomach ulcers, asthma, eczema, and some other skin complaints.