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Obesity and other health conditions related to poor nutrition are causing an ever increasing prevalence of disease and death.
Many people are looking for advice to improve their health, and are seeking health professionals to support them.
Become a Nutritional Counsellor
ACS offers a range of courses to help you achieve a career in health and wellbeing.
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  • Learn how to use diet to treat health problems
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This  page is all about being fit and healthy.

It contains both information for people who work in the fitness industry, AND for anyone else who is simply concerned about their own fitness or that of their friends.

  • Study Fitness to become a qualified or registered fitness leader in Australia or the UK
  • Talk to a fitness or health Expert about careers aqnd employment opportunities in fitness, Sport, Health ands Exercise
  • Get Yourself Fit

Fitness is important at all stages of life. If you eat well, exercise frequently and appropriately (but not excessively); you greatly improve you chances of living a longer, healthier and more active life. Fitness involves more than just avoiding things, or exercising a lot. It involves balance in the way you live; and a proper awareness of your physical and emotional needs.

Everyone needs to be educated about fitness.

If you are considering buying a book or studying a course; take advantage of our free course counselling service and talk to a fitness expert before making any decisions.