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Learning is more than just doing a course.

Anyone can hear, read or see something and forget most of it within days. This is because many of the experiences we have, simply go into short term memory, then fade over time.
When you learn, your experience needs to impact your long term memory; so that it has an impact upon you which is retained.

You can't take short cuts if proper learning is to be achieved. Information and experiences need to be encountered repeatedly in different contexts. If you see relevance in what you encounter, your memory of that thing is strengthened. When you are forced to consider how some piece of learning might be applied in real life; you have an increased opportunity to see relevance, and strengthen your long term learning.

Our courses are designed for long term learning -they may take longer than some courses, but you do learn!
At the end of the day, the only real long term value of any course is the long term learning that is achieved.




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