Higher Certificate Courses

A higher certificate is different to other certificates offered through ACS Distance Education in the following ways:
  • It requires a greater academic effort on the part of the student.
  • Students are tutored and assessed accordingly.
  • Assignment work must follow technical writing guidelines explained through a short on line technical writing course which is undertaken at the beginning of the first module.
  • Assignments and exams are marked on a different scale (ie: A+ to F-)
  • Employers and other institutions will be able to assess the value of work undertaken in a higher certificate, and distinguish it as being of a higher standard than a normal vocational certificate.
  •  You may apply to undertake a higher certificate in any of the disciplines offered, by simply selecting six appropriate modules from those offered as higher academic modules.
  • Your selection of modules must be interrelated (eg. Environmental, agriculture and horticulture modules could be combined for a biological sciences certificate).
  • Applications will be reviewed and either accepted by the academic department, or a suggestion will be made for adjusting your selection in order to satisfy the school’s approval requirements.