Employment Opportunities with ACS Distance Education

Opportunities arise from time to time, for people to be employed as an academic and client services officer at our head office. 

Interest in this or other possibilities for employment can be lodged using the form found at https://www.acs.edu.au/affiliatearea/tutor_registration.aspx

Established 1979, by John Mason (Principal)
  • Family owned business
  • Develops books & Courses, articles, web sites
  • Delivers distance education to our own students in Australia and the UK
  • Supplies course materials & support to 18 other colleges (licensees)
  • Write and publish ebooks (used in our courses, but also sold through distributors incl. overdrive, wheelers and a few bookshops, including our own)
  • Write articles for various magazines (including Home Grown -Green Living/Gardening)
  • Around 10 staff work out of Robina, others work from home across Australia & the UK, with work coordinated through Robina.
We have over a dozen web sites. The following will give you a good insight into the scope and nature of the business:
This can be the best job ever for some people, and totally unsuitable for others. We are an organisation that has a strong focus on helping people learn; and which recognises the importance of diversity in today's world.
Our courses are designed to be "experiential based"; and our approach to developing ebooks and course materials is a collaborative approach. We have a data base of over 25 million words and over 150,000 images. There are around 600 X 100 hour courses. Our clientele are almost exclusively adults. We have 62 ebooks and many thousands of magazine articles published. Our staff work on developing new products and improving old ones, building upon this existing material, and working as a collaborative team. As such, the job is one for a person who can adapt how they work to blend with what we are already doing.
The nature of work is continually evolving, but the common high priority tasks for an academic officer include: 
  • Answering emails and/or phone calls
  • Course Counselling
  • Reviewing, updating, editing web content, e-book content and course content as directed.
  • Uploading documents into online repository
  • Backing up electronic copies of daily work
  • Selling course enrolments or books where opportunities present
Other tasks may include: 
  • Posting on social media
  • Writing content for courses or e-books
  • Creating digital illustrations, scanning photos, cataloguing photos, selecting illustrations, writing captions
  • Creating and processing self assessment tests, audio or video presentations, etc.
  • Supporting students, affiliates, licensees, business partners with customer service
  • Assisting other staff (admin, marketing, IT or external staff) as needed
  • University degree is preferred, but diploma is acceptable (provided it is equal to at least 2,000 class contact hours)
  • Qualification must cover a discipline we work with (see our range of books and courses).
  • Knowledge, experience and/or interest in any or all of the following is valuable; as these are our most important areas of activity: horticulture, agriculture, animal sciences, health sciences, biological sciences, environmental sciences
  • Must be able to write well. The content, writing style and speed of writing need to meet a reasonable standard (eg. We expect at lest 350 words per hour).
  • There may be some flexibility with work hours.
  • Must live on the Gold Coast and be able to be at our office near Robina Town Centre preferably by 8.40am but definitely no later than 9am on mornings when working.
  • Must be available to attend interviews at Robina, on a work day between 9 and 3; with only a day or so of notice; during the next week or two.
Apply by email only
Send your application to [email protected]
  • Covering letter -explain your availability and anything you feel relevant
  • C.V.
  • Example of something you have written on a subject/discipline that you have some expertise in