Formal Recognition is Not What You Think

Formal recognition is a lot more complex than what most people understand.

In effect, there are thousands of different bodies that accredit or recognise courses around the world. Most don't even talk to each other let alone have formal recognition agreements between each other.

This doesn't mean a course isn't worth studying.
Studying a better course, with better teachers, is always going to help you learn more; and at the end of the day, your learning is the thing that makes the difference to a successful career. As long as a school and course are credible, you will benefit immensely.
If "formal" and "recognised" credentials are more important to you than anything else; maybe you need to look at that first....but most schools that make recognition their priority, will be having to make compromises in what they teach to satisfy the recognition authority. Recognised courses can be more costly, because you are paying partly for the cost of recognition. They can also be more focused on assessment than learning -because in order to achieve recognition, a college usually needs to satisfy more things related to assessing students than anything else.
If however, you want flexibility and a unique set of skills that will advance your career; I believe you can't go past our Proficiency Award 3 in Horticulture. I've worked in horticulture for 40 years in both Australia and the UK (had 40 books published etc), and to be honest, I would employ a graduate of our Proficiency Award 3 in Horticulture before an RHS Diploma graduate; simply because it covers more, and is a longer course.... the formal "recognition" really is not going to be a big issue with most employers; and if you run your own business, very little relevance at all.


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