Some find tertiary study simply too difficult; but many others actually learn too well; and discover that what they are studying isn't really that important to them anyway.
There are lots of reasons why people start a course and never successfully finish it.
  • Over 50% of people who start a diploma or degree never finish it!
  • Most people who do graduate, end up working in a job outside of the discipline they studied.

This is certainly the case with many colleges and universities.

Some people fail exams, some simply drop out.

Often the problem starts before they even start studying. Unless the course and institution is chosen carefully, the risk of wasting time and money can be far more than it needs to be.

Avoid These Common Mistakes to avoid when selecting a course

  • Over commitment -It’s better to start with a shorter course and finish it.
  • Doing the same as everyone else –People succeed by being different, so choose a course that helps you become different.
  • Losing balance –We all work better if we keep our family, social, physical, financial, intellectual and work life in balance.
  • Focusing on the qualification rather than the learning.
  • Losing motivation and dropping out (because you don’t attend to the above issues)

How to Increase your odds of Success

Above all, first make sure you know yourself, then take time to look at all of the options and discuss them with someone who knows the industry or discipline you plan to study.

If a free course counselling service is offered, use it!

Talk to the academic staff (not administrators or sales people) at the college or uni before enrolling. If teaching staff know their industry they can provide great insights into what the course might do for you.

 Incomplete Studies are not Necessarily Failed Studies

 Many people who only complete part of a course will take the partial experience and what they learnt, and build on that foundation; to forge a very successful career or business. The measure of success in the long term is what you learnt, not the qualifications you attained. Some of the most successful people will tell you that they only completed part of a qualification; but the things they learnt there, served them well for their entire life. 

By John Mason, Principal ACS Distance Education

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