You can develop skills to create a web site by learning to write in html, ASP or PHP; or how to use programs such as Dreamweaver.
This is only one part of what is needed to create a successful web site though.

For a web site to be good, it must:

  • Have the best possible content in the eyes of search engines (like Google)
  • Have the best possible content in the eyes of users (often not the same as search engines)
  • Be visible both on and off the web
  • Hold people's attention once they visit (most people leave most web sites in less than 30 seconds)
  • Be written in concise and accurate grammar at a level easily understood by the reader

Many web sites look great to web programmers, but don't get many visitors, or if they do, they don't impress the visitors in the way the web site owner wanted.

There are many very good reasons for this; for example: It is common for web developers to be good programmers, but poor communicators. They may well create what they think their client needs rather than what their client really needs.

If you want to produce a successful web site you need to combine skills in:

  • Writing/Journalism/Communication
  • Marketing/ E Commerce
  • IT Programming
  • Graphics


Search Engines are very important for getting visitors to a web site. Different search engines have different rules that determine the visibility they give to different web sites; and those rules can change from time to time: without warning.  A site may have a high visibility on a search engine one month; and a low visibility the next…

It is very important to understand how search engines work. Some search only within their own data base. Other search engines search within both their own data base, and also data bases of other search engines. The scope and nature of data being searched, both have a significant affect upon the value of the search.

Some search engines tend to have higher profile, and attract more visitors than others. The number of visitors to a search engine does not alone determine its value. A search engine that attracts smaller numbers, but a specific type of visitor (who is more relevant to you), will be of greater value for you to have a listing with.

What and Where to study?

The world  is full of web development courses, but not all of them develop your skills in all of the areas you need. Often courses are taught by people who know how to make a site look good; but have little success in actually making sites work.

Consider studying not only How to Develop a Web Site, but also courses in graphics or photography; marketing and journalism or writing skills.

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