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BRAND NEW COURSE: Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is a relatively recent event in terms of marketing and people were initially reluctant to advertise in this way. But as time has gone on, more and more people rely on the internet to advertise their products. This course will teach you how to use these new tools to their best advantage. Click here to read the full outline or enrol.


JAVASCRIPT for the Web

COMPUTER STUDIES II  Revised For microsoft users who know the basics but want to go the next step

SQL Course Revised and Expanded




200 hours of training

The first step to web authoring /development



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We have a range of courses available to suit people interested in I.T. at ACS Distance Education.

Whether you are studying as a hobby, to further your existing knowledge or to develop a successful I.T. career, we have the course to suit your needs..

ACS Distance Education Home Study College, offers over 400 external study, online training courses and home study courses; including online business certificates, online computer courses, short courses and other flexible learning and alternative education choices.

Existing courses
We have a range of short courses from Computer servicing to website development to e-commerce.
We also offer a Proficiency award in computer servicing, Proficiency award in computer programming, Certificate in information technology, Certificate in Electronic Journalism and a Certificate in Website development.
All of our high-end courses comprehensive and will be a great career kickstart. Click here to view courses..

Online training
We have recently converted all of our courses onto our newly developed online student portal.

We currently have Computer Servicing 1 available online with more IT courses being developed. Click here for more details on the course.