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5 Things you should ask yourself before starting that online shop...


So you have a great product that you can produce easily and think that someone else would want to buy it too?


Before you build your online business, consider these 5 questions:


1/ Who is your target market?
Define your target audience- by understanding your customer, will help you position your website, online marketing, branding and website look and feel.


2/ What is it that you are selling?
You should have a clear definition of what it is your selling, why your 'gizmobot' is better than everyone else's and why you are selling it for the particular price you are selling it for.


3/ What makes your company different?
What is your point of difference? Why is your company better than others- it is price, service, quality, prestige, location?


4/ What if you sell something? What if you sell a lot?
Do you have a contingency plan to keep up with demand? More sales= more money, also means more labour costs. At what point does your operation become less efficient?


5/ Do I need to learn more?
There are lots of online resources and hints and tips to gather more information. We also have an ecommerce course that will help you work out the essentials.