Know Your Strengths and Don’t Try to do Everything!

With any business, the business  people involved in starting up the businesses must be aware of their strengths (and weaknesses).  Some people are simply no good managing finance, but they may be great at providing a service to customers. Some can be great at providing the service, but hopeless at marketing it. Others can sell “ice to Eskimos”; but don’t keep a diary and are always late to appointments.

Successful businesses need to deliver on all counts in all five key areas of business. If you struggle with something; you need to either change your ways before you start a business; or else get someone else to do the things you are not good at.

Changing Your Ways is Not Easy

Becoming aware of what you need to change is a good first step; and reading this book can help that awareness; but knowing what you need to be, and actually being it, are two very different things.

Changing habits requires a determination to learn new ways of doing things, and then a period of applying those new ways; until through repetition and conditioning, they start to become second nature to you.

For some people, the first step toward starting a business may be to identify and improve areas of personal weakness.

- How is my current attitude or belief working counter-productively for me?

- How might changing this be of benefit to me?    

A cognitive-behavioural approach focuses on difficulties which are present right now, and depends upon the client and the therapist developing a common view on the individual’s problem. Then the Business coach develops strategies to help the client. These strategies are continuously monitored and re evaluated.

The approach can be used to help anyone irrespective of cultural, gender and abilities.

So how can this approach help when related to business? There are a number of ways, consider these examples:

- A business man who thinks he can’t succeed with his new business because his previous business failed.

- A business woman who won’t try new areas in her business because she is worried they won’t work.

- A business man who is always talking himself down in front of others.

- A business woman who thinks she can’t cope with her work life balance.

In all of these cases a business could be helped to a more successful start by having an owner who thinks in a more positive way about what they hope to achieve.