Personnel Management- Listening, Information and Leading

  • Listening
  • Informing
  • Leading

Listening is a skill where the supervisor is informed by other team members about any relevant aspects of work in progress. Listening helps a supervisor identify potential problems and find solutions to those problems. An important aspect of listening is attending to how things are said, the emotional content of the message that expresses possible frustration, disappointment, resentment or other negative emotions. The supervisor who notes both the content and the tone of a message is better able to identify potential problems and to resolve them quickly.

Informing is a skill that allows a supervisor to accurately convey information or instructions to other team members. Clear and timely informing helps the supervisor inform others of a project’s progress, and to communicate what is expected from them. Good informing is free of all ambiguity.

Leading is central to both listening and informing, and is a recognition of a supervisor’s responsibilities and command. A critical element of good leadership is the ability of a supervisor to make decisions based upon the input and consensus of all involved. Some leading communications are recognition of good performance and rewarding it appropriately; correcting poor performance; and continuously motivating the employees or project team.



Some people plan and train for a career in personnel management, undertaking a certificate or qualification before moving on to a position in the workplace. For others, getting into the position can be something that happens unintentionally; perhaps because they get promoted, or their one man business grows. If you are in this second group, you may not have the time to take on a comprehensive certificate or larger qualification; but you can nevertheless benefit from some study -even a single module from a larger course can be used to strengthen an area where you have a particular weakness.

The following courses may suit your needs. 

Proficiency Award 3 in Human Resource Management 1500 hours

Personnel Management 100 hours

Supervision 100 hours

Leadership 100 hours

Motivation 100 hours

Industrial Psychology 100 hours

Workplace Health & Safety 100 hours