Event Management

This is a huge growth industry world wide, which requires  the skill to understand, bring together and manage expertise from a diverse cross section of expert services.

Event managers need to cooordinate and engineer the supply of goods and services. They may specialize in a particular type of event (eg. Rock concerts, weddings or trade shows); or they may become involved in a cross section of different types of events.



Following are additional, practical considerations for planning an event:

  • All fees (i.e. stand fees to exhibitors, entry fees for the public, etc) must be realistic for the industry which the show is about.
  • Establish fees at a realistic level.
  • Consider what both exhibitors and visitors can afford and will be prepared to pay. Consider similar events elsewhere and chargers relating to those events.
  • Set a date well in advance to allow for adequate preparation (depending on the size of the event at least 12 months in advance).
  • Plan a date which is clear of competing events and make sure the date is widely known well in advance (before potential exhibitors or competition events can book up the date for something else).
  • Ensure adequate insurance cover.
  • Ensure health and safety requirements (legal and non legal) are catered for.
  • Arrange first aid facilities to be on hand.
  • Start booking exhibitors at least 6 months in advance!
  • Promotions should begin appearing at least 3 months in advance and build in intensity to a peak immediately before and during the event. Remember; many publications have a lead-time of 3-4 months. This means they need details of an event 3-4 months before it appears in print.
  • Timing and crowd movements must be considered in planning. There should be space for busy areas and quiet areas.
  • Consider the logistics of movement when planning traffic flow for people. Post signs to prevent confusion.Direct your traffic. Ensure they are clean and precise.
  • Check any obstacles at outdoor events, such as holes, potholes etc.Ensure areas are clean. Remove any rubbish prior to and after the event.


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