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Design a course that sets you apart from every other graduate -Study from home, Study when you want, Study where you want, Study fast or Study slow.   YOU Choose it ALL!

When you offer a service, skill or product that looks different to what everyone else is offering employers; you will become more visible, and your chances of securing a job or business deal will increase.

If you want to be successful in life, look for education that allows you to pursue:

    A capacity to attack problems from various tangents (lateral thinking)
    Different subjects to what everyone else is doing
    Different ways of study (eg. online, classroom, problem based, competency based)

Courses that offer you more opportunity to choose (or "design") what you will study are offering you more opportunity to differentiate your training (and ultimately your mix of skills) from everyone else's.
This site can provide information, ideas and opportunities for Designing your own education, with a view to engineering a unique mix of knowledge and skills that make you stand out from the crowd.

Staff come from varied backgrounds: with both teaching and hands on vocational experience (including ex university, vocational college and training staff; research academics, etc). Courses cover e learning or traditional studies; flexible education options for career (jobs), self improvement, professional development, life skills or general adult education.