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published by the school and written by our staff to complement our courses

Suggested Courses
Certificate in Alternative Education 

Learn about experiential learning, Problem Based Learning, Online education, developing curriculum, delivery and assessment & more.
Self Sufficiency I
Learn to provide yourself with the basic goods and services required to live; and gain a perspective on the broad range of alternative lifestyles that you might lead.
Starting a Small Business

Learn how to run a business, then under the guidance of a professional business expert, plan and initiate the development of your own business.

Courses in Self Sufficiency, Alternative Energy, Mud Brick Construction, Natural Health, Healthy Buildings (i.e. Environmental Health), Herbs, Permaculture, Organics and more!

ACS provides distance education, video training, online and USB-based studies to students worldwide. These include both short hobby courses and larger qualifications.

Alternative Health Courses

Therapeutic Nutrition

Weight Management with Nutrition

Stress Management


Health and Wellbeing



Personal Energy Management

Alternative Growing Courses

Organic Plant Culture

Sustainable Farming


Herb Culture

Growing Vegetables

Fruit Growing


Organic Farming

Courses to Reinvent Yourself

Self Sufficiency

Alternative Education

Starting a Small Business

Freelance Writing


Start a Nursery

Become a Consultant