Lots of Easy Ways to Enrol

There are 2 easy ways to enrol in any of our courses:

Option 1 - Enrol Online

If you are looking at a course outline on the internet: To the right of each course description in the "Courses" section of the website, you will find an 'Enrol Now' box.. This will display all of the payment plans available for the course -- just follow the prompts to enrol.

Option 2 - Enrol Offline
To find out the current fees and how to enrol for any ACS Distance Education course do the following:

Note the Fee Code listed in the Enrol Now box of the course you are interested in (this will be either S1, S2, S3, S4, CT, AC, PA, DI or AD). For advice on course planning contact the school.

Look up that particular course code in the Fees Schedule and decide which Payment Plan suits you best.

Then either:

  • PHONE our UK office and enrol over the phone (0800 328 4723 or +44 1384 444718); or Australian office +61 755 621 088 or
  • SEND a completed enrolment form. Print off and fill in the enrolment form (shown below on this web page) and send it to the school with your payment. Payment should either be in full, or as a part payment as set out in the Fee Schedule). Fees can be paid by Cheque, Money Order, Visa, Bankcard, Mastercard, American Express, or direct bank transfer (email the school for more details).

No graduate tax applies to our courses as we are a privately run college.

Enrolments by a Third Party (eg. Employer, Sponsor, Employment Service, etc)

  • We accept purchase orders provided they are from bona fide organisations with a credit rating.
  • We will (or request) provide an invoice in advance of enrolment if required
  • We are happy to cooperate with any procedures necessary, provided we are dealing with a credible organisation and some formal documentation can be provided to indicate contractual obligations of both parties will be followed.

Understanding Payment Plans

For short Courses (ie. 100 hrs) ... These can be paid either in one or two parts. If paying in 2 parts, the first part is paid on enrolment, and the second part two months later (You are sent a bill when you enrol). If you pay the full fee on enrolment, we offer a discounted fee (commonly around 8% lower)

For Certificates (ie. 600 -700 hrs) ... These can be paid in full, in 2 or in 4 parts. If you pay in full or in 2 parts, the fees are discounted. If you pay in 2 parts, the first half of the course is supplied initially; and the second part payment is not made until you have completed the first half (at which time the second half of the course is supplied). If you pay in 4 parts, the first half is still supplied; you are then billed a second payment (due 2 months later). The third payment becomes due when you commence the second half of the certificate.

For Higher Qualifications ... Payment plans follow similar principles to the certificates, where you are in esse4nce only paying for that part of the course you are currently studying; and payments for subsequent parts are incurred when you choose to start those parts.


You can use one of the following methods to enrol:
(You will need the course code, fee code & full amount payable on hand before you can enrol using the last two methods)

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