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Increasing globalisation, technology, social & economic changes are rapidly changing the face of education. The traditional "chalk & talk" way of learning is giving way to a wide variety of learning styles and modes. Education providers must have a highly adaptable, flexible approach to training if they are to cater for their students needs.

ACS is leading the way in providing training that is relevant to the 21st Century, while providing the high level of service that is increasingly being demanded by students.

Why Choose Us?

  •    International Recognition
  •    Highly qualified Academic Officers
  •    Ethical & Green
  •    More choice and Flexibility
  •    Unlimited one on one access to tutors
  •    More focus on learning, less on Assessment
  •    Outstanding track record - graduates actually succeed!

Staff come from varied backgrounds: with both teaching and hands on vocational experience (including ex university, vocational college and training staff; research academics, etc). Courses cover e learning or traditional studies; flexible education options for career (jobs), self improvement, professional development, life skills or general adult education.


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