What do our Agriculture students say about our courses?


Tanya Sadler - Animal Husbandry 
I think it is absolutely brilliant. I have never come across such a friendly, helpful staff and am so enjoying my course. I will definitely recommend ACS to anybody who wants to study over the 'net.

K Mackenzie - Dairy Cattle
The course was put together very well. It covered all the important aspects of dairy farming and offered some important practical hands-on information that other courses lacked. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel now that I have equipped myself to work on a dairy farm.

R. Beitlich, Australia - Calf Rearing
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to raise calves!!

Tiffany Gordon, Australia - Calf Rearing
Been working in the livestock (Dairy Cattle) industry for years and thought I knew it all. Calf rearing was one area I had limited knowledge of, and due to a new work role, I needed to know more... QUICKLY!!!
This course allowed me the freedom to work within the industry & learn at the same time. I learnt a lot of new and diverse calf rearing options that have now better prepared me for the 'real world' of calf rearing and my new role within the dairy industry. A great 'grounding' course, even for those who are hands on in raising calves. I have recommended this course to a few calf rearers already! I'd be happy to highly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in raising the next quality batch of calf replacements on their farm.

Hindy - Poultry 
I work in farm animal welfare (on a chicken campaign). It didn't make sense to me to work on a campaign about a subject I knew nothing about; The amount of research I did for each assignment taught me so much more than I ever could have learned on my own.
I would just like to say how much I enjoyed this course & dealing with your school. I got answers quickly, & help was always available. You don't always find that in a correspondence school. My experience has been so positive I will be signing up for another course shortly.

Jonathan - Sheep
Although I can do all of the practical work that is required to raise sheep, I am learning a lot more than I didn't already know.& all that I knew I learnt from my dad. I am enjoying this course and when I finish it, I would like to do another one, perhaps in management.

Zoe Crouch, Australia - Animal Breeding
Yes[the course is a valuable learning experience], I am loving it, it relates to all the things I am presently doing with our dogs and sheep and I am finding it extremely useful and have learnt a lot. Love getting my assignments back to see how I went. Always an exciting moment and then shared around the dinner table that night!!

Paula Grima, Australia - Equine Behaviour
[The course] was more in depth than I thought it would be and it was information that I could apply with my own horses. The feedback was very helpful and it was information that could only have been gained from experience with horses. She [tutor] would always answer any questions that I have and always had something positive and helpful to say!

S. Cosbie-Ross, UK - Animal Behaviour
I found the course to be well written and explained. Any queries I had were answered quickly, and the staff to be very friendly and helpful. In all, the course has been invaluable. I am a little sad it is near the end as I have enjoyed the whole course.

Dyane Haubus, Australia - Animal Health Care 
I have found the course to be a great deal of help with trying to get into the animal industry. I have also found my tutors comments of great help. Would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the animal industry or for anyone wanting to learn more about our furry friends.

Sarah Elliot, Australia - Beef Cattle
When I first started, I had no experience of cattle or farming, but due to a change in direction in my career path, I needed to get some experience and this course has helped tremendously.

Gabriele Klinnert, Australia - Natural Health Care for Animals
I would recommend this course to anybody who is interested in animals, has animals and/or likes to work with animals. This is something I can use for the rest of my life and I can also use this basic knowledge for further study. The course is very pleasant and the tutors are motivating and very fast. So all in all a great learning experience!

Arnold Taen, Netherlands - Proficiency Award 3 in Animal Management
Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]. It is providing me with new insights and development beyond my former knowledge of this subject. It also provides me with a proper basic knowledge to pursue my dreams in this career path.

Beverley Bell, Australia - Animal Health Care
Yes [I found the course valuable]. I have animals, I am a dog training instructor. I am planning to commence a business providing in-home care to a variety of animals. So I wanted to upgrade my knowledge of animal health. I enjoyed the course and feel I have learned a lot.

Michelle Rottenberry - Animal Health Care
Very happy with how my work is being marked. I am enjoying my course, and have learnt a lot of new things that are valuable to know considering I have a lot of animals and is useful information for me to know. 

Chloe Blum, USA - Aquaponics
I am loving the course! I have learned so much and can't stop reading the material. My tutors give me great feedback.
I believe this has been one of the most rewarding and valuable learning experiences. Not only do I look forward to doing my classes everyday I’m also learning great information for something I am truly passionate about. I believe the layout of each lesson is very helpful and I am surprised how much information I learn from just reading a few pages. I graduated from an online national high school and was so happy when I found this school. I am very satisfied with this type of education. The school has been so helpful and nice!
I am also very satisfied with the staff at this school. Anytime I have a question they have been right there to help me along the way. The support is great and it makes my learning experiences even better.

Aaron May, UK - Poultry
[The course] was very useful because it helped me to learn more about Poultry, especially the business side of the industry. I really enjoyed working through the assignments over the last 12 months. They made me think and do lots of research.

James McKelvey, Vineyard Manager, Australia - Viticulture 
[The course] gave me extra knowledge of the industry that I am currently working in. It covered all aspects of the industry. I liked the way you had to work through each lesson/category. I received excellent feedback from my tutor. I enjoyed the viticulture course, it has given me extra knowledge that I will use.